Author: Shaktycat
Date: Aug 6, 2004
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Since my teenhood, i\'ve been strongly interested in & passionated by music & dance. When i was 13, i went to dance in a club for the first time. Those were the times of the first acidhouse tunes (remember that track by M.A.R.R.S. - \"Pump up the Volume\"? ..that time!). Already at 15 years, i was hosting my own radio program and i\'ve been working for different radiostations in 1990.
The music i mostly liked at that time was a lot of heavy-metal, pop, dance & techno. My first experience on Technics SL 1200 dates from that period.

In 1991-\'92, i found myself being P.R. and party organizer for a very trendy club in the North of Italy, the \"Mazoom Club\", where i was taking care of the Friday night parties & Sunday morning after-hours. That was one of the most crazy & \"dangerous\" period in my life untill then... 16 sweet 16... but that\'s a goodnight story to save for later ...
So crazy, it turned out, that i drastically took a complete different direction with my 18th year: no more electronic music & clubs (this lasted through the next 7 years)! I became interested in live instruments and live music: jazz, blues, punk & rock were on the menu, and i started to play the drumkit in a band. Unfortunately, after a year and a half, the squat where i used to practice was evicted, and so i was left with not too many possibilities to make my sticks rolling again ... untill ...

after a 6 months\' journey to India, i decided to move to Amsterdam in 1998. In July 1999 i went to live in the \"ELF\", this huge, unbelievable and legendary, one & only \"squatcastle\", based in Amsterdam West. This was \"The Place\", expecially for psytrance people, happy hippies & young travellers from all over the World (not enough room in here to unfold the complete story - you\'ll find more on my webpage). It was in October 1999 when psytrance & me finally got to meet for the very first time: Love at first sight.. oopss... hearing! A new dimension of sounds, energies and emotions opened up for me; a new inner journey with deep psychedelic experiences began.

From that autumn it didn\'t take long untill i put myself inside the headphones again, and in the spring of 2000 i was \"ready\" to perform my first psytrance dj set (on my web-page you will find the complete gig history in more details). What i used to like more at that time was what you could define as morning psy: more flying & easy tunes. Gradually my focus shifted to the night vibe, what is generally called full on. But even then, i got more & more into deep-psy-twisted-freakadelik stuff... and that\'s what is still my favorite nowadays.

Here\'s a highlight of where and for who i\'ve played since 2000:
- organisations: Trance 2 the Light, Amon Horus & Senseblender Festival in Belgium; PsyFamily, Wanted13 & Psyzone in Brasil; Alien Vibes, Earthdance, Empathy, 9 Lifes of Hofmann, Zirk, Namaste, Psychedelic Sceneries, Fool Delight, Microdutch, Trance Orient Express, Bom Voyage, Evolution, Infected Grooves, CHMP, Lucid Vision and more in the Netherlands; - venues: Club A & Cafe Chill Out in Sao Paulo; and in Amsterdam: 020, AMP studios, Ruigoord, Tetra, The Beetles, residency in Trance Buddha, ...; - squats: ELF, B45, De Bron, Donauweg, Sony Wonderland, Capital Zero, ...

What i love the most is to get lost dancing to this crazy stuff myself & that\'s why i play it as well. Couldn\'t shake my ass behind the dj booth, otherwise!!! The tunes that make me freak out, are the ones of which you can\'t predict in what direction they\'re going; the ones you\'re not able to whistle after you heard them a few times. Tracks with crisp psychedelic sounds, bouncing kicks and deep rolling basslines are my favorites. The biggest satisfaction from behind the desks is to see the people dancing and losing it, with their eyes closed and a grin on their faces, that searches the midst between angelic and devilish! No time to check out the dj, no chance for chit-chat... just \"Here & Now\", in that magic out of time dance!!!


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