Return of the Drugless Festival

legendary Israeli festival is back

Author: Slater
Date: Jul 29, 2004
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For many years the true hardcode trance people remember the earthquake that took place in the first Drugless Festival taking place at the amazing 'Huga Gardens' in the north of Israel on summer of '97. This event attracted over 10,000 people and actually put the Israeli scene on the worldwide map.

7 Years after we take you back to re-live the moment in this legendary location of "Huga Gardens" for a 3 days festival, the event of this decade without a doubt.

When Drugless Festival is happening?

September 28 / 29 / 30, which is a one-week holiday (Sukkoth) in Israel.

Where is the Drugless Festival taking place?

The exact location of the festival is kept secret now; you can rest assure that it will be one of most "hystoric" rave places in Israel. We will annouce very soon the details along with some more useful information, with how to reach by map, parking & camping instructions etc.

Who is on the line-up @ Drugless Festival?

The most mind blowing line up you have heard in years in one place:

International acts & DJ's –
DJ Max Lanfranconi (Etnica.Net)
X-Dream Live
DJ Frank (Koxbox)
DJ Raja Ram (TIP.World)
DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki
Johann Bley Live (Juno Reactor)
DJ Paul Taylor (Spun Records)
DJ Lestat (Talamasca)
DJ Banzi (G.M.S/Spun Records)
DJ Dino Psaras (Ocatava Records)

Israeli Acts & DJ's –
DJ Miko(X-Wave/Phonokol)
DJ Zoo B (USTA Records)
DJ Maili (USTA Records)
DJ Ari Alien Project (TIP.World)
DJ Skazi (Chemical Crew)
DJ Astrix (Hommega)
DJ Duvdev (Infected Mushroom/BNE)
DJ Psytekk (USTA Records)
DJ Mid (USTA Records)

Are you a DJ?

We will have additional stage for anyone who's interested to come and perform, this is a call to all you international DJ's to get in touch by email ONLY and describe who you are, where you played recently and what's your musical style. Please note that we are in need for freestyle, chillout and more progressive beats as our main stage is full on.
For applying, please email -

Are you a Trance addict from outside of Israel?

Anyone coming from abroad to Israel will be granted with a free entrance to the entire 3 days of the festival, this is a call to all you true global trance people everywhere on the planet to come and enjoy our production free of charge, just bring yourself to dance with us.
To obtain a free entrance (tourists only!) please email your full name, email address, passport no. and nationality and your ticket will be waiting for you at the entrance on the guest lists.
Email us -

Do you know the festival website?

Check it out for daily updates, chat and post your opinions in our special forum and much more general information.

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