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Author: sam
Date: Mar 26, 2004
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Hi Golan & Ohad! Israeli Trance Music has a long and very popular history. Why is Trance so popular in Israel?

Israel is a country with a lot of problems. it\'s a very nervous place. basiclly we are always in a state of war, and ppl here like to dance and forget everyday\'s trouble. dancing to trance music is a good way to release
pressure and agression.

You are trying to break out of the “typical” Israeli Trance. Where are your roots, how would you define your style and how did you find it?

We would like to think of ourselves as musicians and producers, not only as dj\'s and trance artists. trance music is what we like at the moment but we have a rich background of other styles of music from punk and metal to classic rock, techno, and house music. we are involved in other projects(non trance) and we dont think we gonna make trance forever. we have a problem to define our style. we can only say that its very close to progresive house and sometime to classic techno.

How is the appreciation of your music in Israel?

We cant complain about that. we preform every weekend on main events usually at the prime time of the partys. we sure get good reactions, and we hope it\'s going to last for long...

And worldwide?

We get good reactions worldwide also. we think it\'s even better.

Do you like travelling? What are your favorite countries?

We sure like travelling. we really like Japan and Brasil. but when it gets to the music, europe is the best. we got the best reactions in Denmark, belgium and the Uk and we really hope to preform in Germany soon.

What’s the future of Trance music in Israel and Worldwide?

Well, what happens in Israel and wordwide is pretty much the same. after 3 years of melodic full-on, people are open to other styles of music, and a lot of artists are trying to do diffrent stuff...we can hear many vocal tracks, guitars and other elements in trance music. also the production srandarts are higher. about the scene, we dont think anything big
is going to happen soon. it\'s not gonna mainsteam or anything.

You’re working on your debut album. What can we expect?

The name of the album is \"Who needs love songs?\" and it will have 10 new full-on tracks together with down tempo club oriented music. one of the tracks is a new song we made together with singer Michelle Adamson who made with us a track before(\"Rahe\'ya\"). we think it came out vey colourfull, and we hope progressive trance lovers will like it as much as full-on ppl will.
it will be released in the end of april on
Hommega records.

Your fast success probably brings you to live gigs all around the world. Do you still have enough time to produce new music in peace?

Well truth is it is not simple at all...we just bought a lap-top computer so that we could make music during travelling. it cant replace the home studio, but at least we will be able to make sketches and continue at home.

Many artists earn their living today rather with live gigs then with record sales. How is it for you and what do you think of this development?

It\'s the same for us. we live from the gigs and we think it\'s not good. we would like to preform less and earm most of the money from working at the studio. the problem is that people don\'d by cd\'s and download the music from the net for free. we think it\'s very bad and we dont see how it can change soon.

On your live gigs you’re doing some “live action” like playing drums and using a synthesizer. Many trance artists only push/twist buttons. What do you think of these “live acts”?

Well it\'s a bit complicated. a lot of artists don\'t really know to play drums or keyboards which is fine. but promoters want live acts and they don\'t really care what the artist do on stage(if this artist cells tickets for them) we think that thease live acts are ok as long as the artist play
diffrent versions (some call it \"live versions\") so the crowd won\'t come to a party and hear the same tracks he has on cd. anyway, we always prepere the live act before - sampler and synth presets,electronic drums and in the future we are going to use live microphone for vocals.

You are brothers. How is it to spend so much time together?

Most of the time we spend together is when we travel. at home we have two studios and we work on ideas alone and complete them afterwords together. the fact that we are brothers is basiclly a good thing - we have the same style and we hardly dissagree about the music itself. but sometimes we have big dissagreements about other stuff wich is a normal thing between brothers.

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