Visions of a new World

Global Community Pt. II

Author: Frederik
Date: Nov 27, 2003
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November, 27 2003 Photos:Frederik Text:Frederik



Solingen was the place where on the last weekend the " Visions of a new World " took place.

I arrived in Solingen around 3 or 4 o' clock, who knows this more exactly then me can write me an e-mail plz.

I was so flashed by Tiwi's killer Deco that i had to pull out the Camera take a few shots of his giantic Constuctions and objects.

Afterwards i checked out the whole Location. As usual there was the second Floor with more housy Music which was not really crowded. Exactly the place to stay for a while...
Also because on the Mainfloor the music became more nighty night, and speedy speed.

After two hours we started over to the Mainfloor again to see Ticon.
Ticon came down from Sweden to rock the German Fraggles around and indeed it worked pretty fine.These guys really rocked the place.

Take a look at the Photos to get a small visual Impression...

See you in Hamburg and Bochum this week... Traxx
Chemical Lovers Party ....

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Ticon Live on Stage I Ticon Live on Stage II
Ticon Live on Stage III  

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