Germany  ***PROTONICAL VIBES***(Grimlock's B-Day)

Nov 8, 2008 22:00:00 - Nov 9, 2008 19:00:00, Essen

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Date: Nov 8, 2008
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Live: Bitkit (Independent / Belgium)

Bitkit is Gunther Wyckmans, born 1982 in Belgium.
He started at an early age playing all kinds off instruments like drums, piano, djembé and trumpet. After several years he discovered the mystical world of electronic music + music production.
He started with an old Atari and some synths, and took his first steps. Now the studio is almost on full power with a new Mac 8-core, 4gig ram, UAD expert card, fireface 800, liquidmix and dynaudio BM6.
After releasing his first vinyl and debut album, he's now working on the second album.

P.A.R.A.T.O.X. (Rudraksh Rec. / Germany)

... are two guys from the middle of germany and they produce their own music since 3years... in 1994 they heard psycedelic trance the first time in a club in "sauerland"/germany...they first started with mixing in the last years they played at a lot of partys in germany and switzerland...

Line Up is closed !!!


DJs: Bim (Midijum Rec./ Iono Music)
Grimlock (Tamil Rec.)
Die blaue Raupe (Tamil Rec.)
FullOn Junky (Synphonie Rec.)
Djane Melburn (Antaris / Vuuv 08)
T-Gate (Waxscape)
Marathi (Tamil Rec.)

Line Up is closed !!!



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