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Date: Jan 5, 2008
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PARA HALU (Psylife Music, HUNGARY)

Para Halu soundscapes are created by Adam Hohmann in Hungary. After years of experimenting intruments and producing different kinds of electronic music from ambient to breaks, he founded the psytrance project in 2002 and was running it with his former partner (Andras Fekete) earlier who already left the project. Para Halu released countless tracks on a number of well-respected labels of the psychedelic scene before finishing the first album. Self-released "No Para Full Halu" was followed by "The World Of Peace" at Parvati Records in 2005 and another conceptual album called "Space Rock" at Zaikadelic in 2007. During the past few years Adam performed at almost all the big international psytrance festivals such as Full Moon in Germany, Universo Paralello in Brazil or Soulclipse in Turkey, and keeps touring the world's finest underground dancefloors from Japan to Brazil with his energetic-atmospheric live sets. Currently presented collaboration album "Wide Range" (with the side-project The Path) shows way more melodies and even more fusions than earlier Para Halu works and at the end a tricky combination of dark yet emotional atmospheres, progressive beats, futuristic baselines and goa-trance vibes. Besides starting new projects such as a progressive psytrance alterego, Adam is already working on the 5th album, the "Future Sound of Para Halu" to be released next spring on his own label, Psylife Music.


Vasily Markelov is a psytrance producer well known worldwide as Psykovsky. Began playing in groups as early as 12 (Tihaya Zastava). First achieved success as the member of Transdriver. Together with Alexey Kovalev he gigged a lot around Moscow and Russia during 1995-2000. Since 2000 Vasily works with different solo and collaborative projects, occasionally performs around the world. He is acknowledged as one of the most important figures in Russian psytrance. The genre of music varies as beats per minute lift up from 145 to 152. Innovative but still traditional, the story is to suit different tastes giving a detailed retrospective of the unique Psykovsky style.

E.V.P. Wildthings Rec.

E.V.P has been making psychedelic trance music since 1996,After a few years he Qualified as an RSA approved sound engineer, having studied mixing and mastering of rock music along with synthesis and sequencing using an SSL mixing console and also Macintosh with Logic. After that he has been applying these techniques / skills to produce a high quality finish to the music, also focusing on keeping the music comfortable to listen to at very high levels. The style he is producing is an individual, positive sound that has many twisted electronic sounds but still keeps a very groovy feel which always energizes the dance-floor. E.V.P has played a very wide range of parties over the last 5 years; small or large free outdoor parties, small or large club events, squat parties and also more recently since releasing his debut album in Nov 2005 and his side project RealityGrid 1st album in 2007 he has had a large number of major international outdoor festival bookings. He has played in around 24 countries world wide and already has a number of bookings into the middle of 2008.


Psyonic (Christos)is a member of Circle Dance Project. Since many years in the trance scene, he is well experienced on what a dancefloor needs.

He played in many out & indoor privat partys around Thessaloniki ,now it is his first appearense in a club. Good luck!


Circle Dance Project


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