South Africa  Prism Festival

Dec 30, 2006, Waterskloof

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Date: Dec 15, 2006
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Live: Psycraft (HOMmega)
Black + White (HOMmega)
Broken Toy (Alchemy)
Frozen Ghost (AfroGalactic)
Droidlock (Kagdilia)
Brethren (Nexus Media)
On (AfroGalactic)
Alice D (Alien Safari)

DJs: Alon (Psycraft, HOMmega)
Nir (Psycraft, HOMmega)
Yaniv (Black and White, HOMmega)
Samuel (Black and White, HOMmega)
Apex (Peak)
Lox (Vortex)
Wobblz (Alien Safari)
Bruce (AfroGalactic)
Skragg (TimeCode)
Jamal (Vortex)
Slug (Nexus Media)
Connecto (BPM + Domo)
Tune Raider (South Africa)
DJ Gandalf (Alchemy)
Richard (Prognotic)
Torabisu (Gravity South)
Sonic (AfroGalactic)
Shane (BearTrap)
Blue Nova (Gravity South)
Sarasin (BearTrap)


0163 51 09 325



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