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Feb 24, 2007, sauerland

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Date: Jan 6, 2007
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Live: ****** VOLU-MEN (BERLIN) *******
Volu-men ist seit Anfang 2005 ein Goa Live-Act
aus Deutschland. In dieser kurzen Zeit hat sich viel
getan. Über verschiedene Mitmusiker, immer mehr
Gigs und die ersten kleinen Release ging bis jetzt die Entwicklung. Unser Sound ist Progressiver Trance.
Wir haben Spaß am Musik machen und zu sehen, wie
die Leute abtanzen ;o)

Optokoppler is Oliver Schmidt and Tim Rüsken. We started the project a few years ago. In the past, I heard a lot of punk and hip-hop since I discovered psytrance in 1998. My experiences with psytrance were the reason for me to start making music. Our music seems to classified somewhere in the fullon-division. My way was nearly similar to Tim?s. I indeed was at music-school and played the guitar a little bit and graduated in audio-engineering but the really determining stimulus were the psytrance-party experiences. The transition between hobby and the project Optokoppler was fast. Each one had experimented on his computer on his own and as we decided to make two tracks together, we got some requests from DJ Alex (NOK), who we met on a party near Lüneburg. He then provided the contact to USTA rec., our actual label and arranged the bookings for us. I would call our style fullon but I think you will find a lot of different styles in our songs which are exited by top-rated artists. It is because we like the full spectrum of psytrance. I think of Vibe Tribe or the old Space Buddha album ?Storm Reaction? or actual sounds like Astrix to the point of Eskimo.

*******U-RECKEN (DOOFLEX REC/ISR)*********
Yaniv Ben-Ari got into trance music in 1998, when he was 20 years old. He was born in Haifa, Israel, and was playing in rock bands since he was 14. Soon after that he was working as a music producer and sound engineer in recording studios in Israel. Yaniv also worked as a sound engineer at theater plays in New York and Great Brittain. The long exposure to music drove him to start Dj-ing and organizing trance parties. After a while he realised that playing his own music was much more fun, so he started to write music, which was soon appreciated by Doof Records. His musical style has developed from harsh dark banging full on trance, into a more melodical (yet still pumping) form of psytrance, which made Doof records decide to invite him into the rising Dooflex project.

DJs: ++++++SERENADE (profusion rec)++++++

+++++MOGLI (profusion rec)++++++++

+++++++DAYDREAMER (tranceforce rec)+++++++

+++++++ARNOX (Q.O.T/GER)++++++


******YOKA (SYNPHONIE REC)********

**************U-RECKEN DJ set (dooflex rec)***************


01601195619 (aufm flyer steht versehentlich 011601195619)



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