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May 19, 2007, MARBURG/GIEßEN

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Date: May 18, 2007
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(Third Eye / Spectral / Rudraksh-Records / Portugal )

!!! Audialize hat uns leider abgesagt, er selbst bedauert es auch denn er wäre das erste mal in Deutschland gewesen. Der Grund ist sein Beruf, er ist Techniker in einem Portogisischen Filmstudio, was ihn gerade an diesem Wochenende zur arbeit verpflichtet!!! Wir haben jetzt nicht mehr viel Zeit Ersatz zu besorgen, gehen aber davon aus das wir es schaffen einen anderen Act unseres Labels zu verpflichten der Euch zum rocken bringen wird... *grrrr* sorry Audialize holen wir nach! Sobald es was neues gibt werden wir es Euch wissen lassen!!!

Sonic navigator Joao Apell Aka Audialize is about to take us all on a cosmic journey...
...upon Starship Earth! (The album is out now)

He has been one of the musical pillars on which the strong new Portuguese sound has been built on, using a combination of squelching melodies, infectious basslines and crystal clear production. He has previously released his debut album Audialize - Wanted, which received a lot of critical acclaim and could be heard on dancfloors across the globe from Goa to Tokyo, and from Lisbon to Tel Aviv.
His sound could only be described as Unique, uplifting, deep emotional psy trance with a raw power that shakes us to our core. Being a graduate of Sound Engineering school in Portugal his technical knowledge of sounds and frequencies is clear and cutting edge and thus the quality of sounds and production that comes through the tracks Is on a level all of his own.

(Shaman Electro Records / Swizerland)

ibracoustic is the psy trance project of swiss psy producers Manjit Jus and Lukas Hasler...
upon Dark Skies! (The album is out now)

The live-act was formed in late 2005 with the aim to bring a fresh, new psychedelic sound onto the swiss psytrance scene - music that would explore the many directions and emotions of the various psy styles.
Inspired by the various faces of psy trance, the music reflects influences ranging from relaxing progressive grooves to full-on dark madness. The result, an album that is at home on dancefloors just as it is for on the way or at home. With tempos ranging from 143 bpm to 148 bpm the album takes the listener on a journey through light and darkness on a rollercoaster for the mind and soul.

DJs: Djane Shima
(Mind Funk Music / Acoustic Colours Records / München)

(Mythos / Swizerland)

(Polyeidos / Düsseldorf)

(der kleine kreis)

(Psyhippies / Wetterau)

(Psypneumatix / Rudraksh-Records / d.k.k.)


687161358 - 655667992 - 657438522



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