Germany  COSMIC TUNES IV - Dj SANGEET 4 hours long set!!!!

Dec 3, 2005, Kiel

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Date: Nov 26, 2005
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Live: **********BITSHIFT PROJECT**********
BitShift is both Till Schauder and Tommy Exner.They have a big passion for good music and performance since they were very young. With experiments in various bands they discovered electronic music as their perfect tool for expressing life.
After a while of producing and Djing, they created their own style of music which is a combination of own inspiration and different influences from electronic music.

Music is art, and art is free.

No rules !
DJs: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Hamburg's top underground psy-trance DJ -
**********SANGEET********** (Salaris/Spirit Zone)

**********MOTU********** (Bitshift Project)

**********BURNER********** (Beat Head Rec./Lichttherapie)

**********L-JOT********** (Beat Head Rec./Lichttherapie)

**********SYMOS********** (Beat Head Rec./Newcomer)

**********NEO********** (Audio Connection/Yellow Sunshine Rec.)

**********SOLID********** (Shiva Moon/Yellow Sunshine Rec.)

**********SWABEDOODAH********** (Hamm/Westfahlen/Spontaneous Aerobics)


017625426919 - B.Müller


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