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Date: Sep 23, 2004
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SALLY DOOLALLY it’s one of the most remarcable artists in todays trance scene. She started to mix 12 years ago ,founding the Dolally parties in London , and few years after she made her breaktrough in the international scene representing Dragonfly records from the UK and U.S.T.A. from Israel . Sally has since played in many party hotspots all over the world including: Australia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Portugal, New Zealand, Thailand, Finland, Germany, Mallorca, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland including: Voov-Experience, Fusion Festival , Antaris Project, Shiva Moon, Wonderland , Rainbow Serpent Festival, The Outback Eclipse Festival, Summer Dreaming, Koh Phangan 2002, Dreamweavers, Boom Festival, Ahimsa Total Eclipse Festival. She has also played at hundreds of club parties and smaller open airs . Sally Doolally's Dj set is for a full psychedelic sunshine vibe and is known for always playing groovy and sexy! She’s currently representing Plastik Park and released the “ Trancexpressions “ compilatiuon on Transient records from the UK.

VANJA it’s one of the founders of the macedonian trance scene , starting one of the pionner projects in electronic music in Macedonia called "Unique" and performing on some of the first most sugnificiant events in Macedonia in general such as Tribal gathering, Crossing Borders festival etc, also working with multimedia projects such as "Sindy 'F Rella and the Unique" and "Biosquad", activelly involved in the trance scene since '96 as a dj and musician, making it’s parties under several marks from wich the most sugnificiant so far is Transforma. Being recognised for the deep , groovy ,tribal psychedelic and progressive sound Vanja has performed since years back in coutries like Macedonia,Greece,Serbia,Croatia,Slovenia,Romania,Germany,Holland,Belgium,Morocco,South Africa including : Voov-Experience, OV-Silence , Antaris Project, Full Moon festival , Sweet Vibes festival , Ruigoord Landjuweel festival, AFU festival , Transolar festival with hundreds of club parties and small open airs . Vanja it’s currently part of the Ov-silence records and crew from Germany.

Open Air


transient records, plastik park records, uk


transforma, ov-silence records, art of fact records / mk


afa & transforma decorations


at door 5 e


Skopsko lizgaliste

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