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Jun 29, 2002 - Jun 30, 2002, London

Date: Jun 23, 2002
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Collective cosmic greetings...

After our last *mind blowing* New Years Eve party, we took a well earned holiday to recharge our emotional & spiritual batteries in South India & Sri Lanka. After four wonderfull months we are back!!!

To coincide with our return to the UK, Astral Phoenix will celebrate Dream Theatre's 1st Birthday party!! Woo hoo......

[ For those who are not aware, Dream Theatre is our new baby sister night to Astral Phoenix. Launched last year it quickly became a runaway success at the "East Cross Centre".]


**Travel Routes**

Tube : Stratford (Central line)
Train : Hackney Wick (Silverlink line)
Bus : 30 / 26/ n26 / 236 / n236 / 279


As always we will have *turbo jet fans* thoughout the venue, refreshments by our *spiritual chai crew*, free drinking water, a magical massage area, funky fluro stalls, flood light uv dream decor, and of course awesome crystal clear kicking sound systems in both rooms (oh yes!!)


This galactic calendar based on the Mayan Calendar calculates this night to
be held on a *Blue Planetary Night*.

Dreamspell Poem (Meaning).......

"I Perfect in order to Dream,
Producing Intuition,
I seal the Input of Abundance,
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation,
am guided by the power of Magic"

*:- Love & Light -:*

The *Astral PhoeniX* crew



Zone One : *Amazing Psychedelic Trance*

*Blade Runner* (Hom-mega :: Astral Phoenix)

*Kuma* (Mumbo Jumbo :: Transient Records)

*Ed Tangent* (Global Sunrise :: Manchester)

*Jimmy Tango* (Ganesh Records :: Transmission :: Leicester)

*Vinny* (Party Possible :: Enlightenment :: Brighton)

Chill Zone : *Blissed Funky Grooves*

*Gandolfi* (Astral Phoenix)

*Nick Interchill* (Interchill Records)

*Humphrey* (Liquid Sound Design :: Dragonfly)

*Symmetrik* (180 degrees :: Atomic Records :: Brighton)

*Mia Shanti* (Trancemission :: Leicester)



UV Dream Deco


£10 Advance :: £12 Door


+44 (0)7958 455 546

website: http://www.astralphoenix.com

@ "The East Cross Centre", Waterden Road, off Carpenters Road, Hackney Wick, London, E15.


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