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Jul 26, 2002 - Jul 28, 2002, Hüchelhoven near cologne

Date: Jun 20, 2002
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techno, house, psytrance, worldmusic, rock, drum 'n' bass, hip hop, dub, reggae, electro & ambient on 7 [!] areas. in- & outdoor. with performances, workshops, theater, market, ethno-food, children's area and much more...
performances by The Phoenix Firedancers [full team!], Bodymagic and much more...
Vorverkauf über l! Tickethotline: 040-41911411. Tickets kosten im Vvk 35 Euro zzgl. Vvk-Gebühr, an der Abendkasse 45 Euro

Open Air & Indoor


Cosmix, Niki Skizmatrix, Chrisma, Pascal F.E.O.S., Electric Indigo, DJ Alien, annejoy & la niña, Ailaik, Michael Kohlbecker, Acid Maria, Cio D'Or, Vienna Scientists, Klangwirkstoff Scheibosan, Switchstance DJ Collective, Tobi Tob, Def Cut, Triple R., Fish, Team Rocket, Schlafcola, 3DJ Dirsch and much more...

LIVE: X-Dream, Element, Puls, Eternal Drum, Genetic Drugs, Thomas D. feat. Son Goku, Ras Ites, MINA, Oojami, Echobox and much more...


Maxi, Mae & Moa, Genetic Drugs, Audio Venom, Mahabashi, Sehvermögen, Plüsch, VEXXS,...


30/35/45 Euro


+49 (0)221 - 205 46 73.


watercastle geretzhoven

Hüchelhoven near cologne

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