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Author: Sha Ka Ree
Date: Nov 10, 1999
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nov 7, 1999

Sha Ka Ree - BTM - PottHeadz - CTM

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Sha Ka Ree is a promotion agency based in Bochum, Western Germany. It is specialised in Promotion & Marketing of electronic dance music & videogames and is running a publishing-departement (Edition Vor Ta Vor), recording studio, print-distribution and last not least three Labels for electronic music: BTM, CTM & PottHeadz. All Labels are distributed by Zomba (former Rough Trade) as well as by Sha Ka Ree itself. For a deeper look inside 'the vulcanian paradise' you may check the web at

BTM was founded in 1995 as label for german psychedelic Trance and revived by Sha Ka Ree in '97. BTM is known for an experimental style of Psy-Trance which is mainly produced around its homebase in the middle of the Ruhr-area, better known as 'Ruhrpott', the old industrial core of Germany and Europe with about 5 Million inhabitants. The BTM-Trance-Compilation branded the slogan ‚Boa Sound‘, standing for a more urban variation of the wide spread ‚Goa Trance‘. With the 'downBTMbient'-Compilation a brand for the BTM-Ambient releases was introduced.

Beside the still quite isolated PsyTrance-community there is a growing scene for more popular progressive styles like Electro, Big Beat, Drum & Bass around the Ruhr - spread over a dozen cities, scenes & circles. With the Compilation 'PottHeadz - dope smoking beats' in 1997 the first step towards a common platform was done. Meanwhile PottHeadz is an independent Label with 4 Artist-Albums, 2 Compilation and 7 12"Vinyls.

For Sha Ka Ree's international licensing-activities started in ’98 with POF & Spiral Trax CTM was set up in early ’99. It is supposed to focus on the international exploration of german & global progressive electronic tendencies with licensed as well as exclusive CD- and Vinyl-Releases. It is currently featuring Releases of Return to the Source, Liquid/Planet Dog, Tortoise plus compilations like 'Evosonic' and the 'Solipse'.



Christine Klaas Distribution & Mailorder:
Sven Stauth Export, A&R PottHeadz:
Volker Brunswick Label- & Productmanagement, A&R BTM/CTM:
sha ka ree – music magic media
querenburger str. 19-23 d-44789 bochum
tel +49-234-9303030 fax -9303040


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