Vazik - Reborn EP (AP Records)

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Author: AP Records
Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Vazik is definitely the Mexican DJ with the most international exposure & recognition. He is constantly required on major Trance festivals around the globe. His particular style, technique & taste for music established him as one of the best Psychedelic & Progressive Trance DJs in the scene. Voov, Fusion, Antaris, Shiva Moon, Universo Paralello, SolaLuna, just to name a few.

Vazik has been awarded \"Best DJ of the Year\" at the DJ Dance Awards 2003, hosted in Acapulco, Mexico. The same year Vazik was awarded \"Best Psychedelic Trance DJ of the Year\" at the DJ World Expo 2003 (Mexico City). In May 2005 Vazik was the first Mexican Trance DJ to appear on the front cover of the most important Electronic Music magazine in Mexico, DJ Concept.

In the last years Vazik has been focusing his music production on his projects: Indika (with DJ Geza), Bienmesabe (with DJ Jabba) & on his own as - Vazik. The sound of Vazik reflects his own perspective of Trance, where a perfect fusion of Psychedelic & Progressive Trance is formed through a solid, techy & hypnotic rhythm base, with a groovy morning sound that fits not only open air gatherings but clubs & indoor experiences just the same.

Sparks of Minimal, Progressive & a touch of Psychedelic full-on, creating an uplifting & positive result of Trance.


1. Insight
2. Zibaru Effect Rmx
3. Reborn
4. Halo (Vazik Rmx)

Release Date, middle of August 2005.
Mastered by Son Kite, Sweden.

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