Electric Universe - Burning

Album review

Author: Roberdo
Date: Mar 18, 2008
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Electric Universe for sure is an artist from the very first days of the Trance scene. Having released his first full length album on Spirit Zone back in 1994, the list of his releases is incredibly long. But still a pretty interesting issue if this artist delivers his brand new album “Buring”.


Putting the CD into the player without really looking at the backside of the jewelcase I am experiencing a flashback within the one minute. The first track is unforgetable “Meteor”! But not a new version or remix- no it’s the original version from 1999 just remastered and adapted to nowadays production standarts. Even today an amazing piece of music, somehow this track hits your deepest emotions!
Now I grab the cover and find the tracklist on the backside. I realize that there are quite a few remixes of Electric Universe hits like “Solar Noir” or “Gaijin Rocker”, all having quite some pieces from the originals left. And of course we also find some fresh, previously unreleased tracks on this album. “Buring” is a co- production of Boris Blenn, the orginal founder of Electric Universe and Roland Wedig aka Chico, his long- year live colleague on stage. Powerful guitar riffs are probably the most characteristic for Electric universe and each track features a perfect mixture of Trance and Rock. Its somehow refreshing to see that these dudes do not really care about recent trends but consequently follow their own style: This is Psy Trance in its original form featuring trancy melodies, twisted synthy riffs, driving basslines and of course this unique guitar riffs. No new- fashioned influences expect a brilliant production quality. Listening to this album even brings back a good old phrase to my mind: “Goa Trance”…


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