Greece  Moonsun Records Presents 24th March A Magical Event

Mar 24, 2008 23:15:00 - Mar 25, 2008 08:15:00, Athens

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Date: Feb 6, 2008
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XENOMORPH (Gnostic rec).. LIve Act

Xenomorph is the one-man band of Mark Petrick, based in Berlin
(Germany). With over 10 years in the business, Xenomorph is
one of the veterans in the trance scene who has played live
shows in many countries all around the globe. He sees himself
as the inventor of horror-trance, a unique style that was
unprecedented in 1996 when he created songs like \\\\\\\"Obscure Spectre\\\\\\\"
which has upset many goa-people and was considered \\\\\\\"unspiritual\\\\\\\"
or \\\\\\\"un-goa-ish\\\\\\\"After a long time of inspiration the second Xenomorph
album \\\\\\\"Qlippoth\\\\\\\" was released in 2003 on Gnostic Records which
is Xenomorph\\\\\\\'s own record label. Until today Xenomorph has continued
to produce cutting-edge dark electronic music and he has done the
mastering post-production for more than 30 releases of various labels
including Spun Records, Manic Dragon, Peak Records and Acidance Records.
In mid 2007 there will be a 3rd Xenomorph Album followed by an extensive
world tour in the second half of 2007.

ABSOLUM - (3d Vision) - Christof Drouillet/Dj Set

ABSOLUM (solo project), SYNERGY (with CPU), TRANSWAVE (with Dado Deedrah),
C.R.M.B. (with Riktam, Mael & Bansi), ULTRA (with Dimitri),
ABSOLUT NOISE (with Wizzy Noise), N.B.K. (with Alien Project),
VIRTUAL CORP. (with Full Colordrops), ELIXIR (with Talamasca & Nomad),
TIYA (with Tiya), LAGOON…
Christof is 3D Vision founder and Managing Director. He has been involved
in the music business for quite a long time, releasing his first record
back in 1988 (Eighteen, MayaProd/Musidisc) in the pure New Wave style of
the 80’s but seriously Electronic orientated for that time. Producer, DJ,
he started producing Psy-trance with Transwave in 1994, which was one of
the most popular trance project (7 Eps and 3 albums between 1994 and 1996,
on various famous English and French labels). Today, Christof is runing
his artistic carreer succesfully with his solo project « Absolum » currently
releasing on 3D Vision or TIP World Records, English most famous label.
He regularly collaborates with French and/or foreign respected producers
such as GMS, Total Eclipse, Alien Project, Nomad, Talamasca, Wizzy Noise,
DJ Dimitri. His music is described as ‘Hitek’ precision pieces of super
structured, savage, searing sounds. A cranium creakin’ frenetic frenzy of
hi-tonal abandonment towards total Nike meltdown….(Raja Ram, Tip World Records).

MOONSUN (Owner OF Moonsun Rec)

From Corfu

UFORICA (Moonsun rec/H.S.S)

DJ Triton (Moonsun Records)

Special Dance show from ZIRCONIA

\\\\\\\"My name is Irene A. Zilou, native Greek and passionate
for life. I was born and raised up in Athens GR. I
graduated from Vakalo School of Art & Design (BA and
MA from the University of Derby, UK) in February 2003.
Graphic Design is my main source of expression and my
profession as well today.
I attended vocals\\\\\\\' lessons at the Athenaeum. I speak
English, French and Italian. I do part timje modeling
and go-go dance in cases of really interesting events.
I had danced for another HSS event at AN club, Torture
Garden (France and Greece), Wave Gotik Treffen for
Soman (Germany) and many other events in Greece. I adore
losing myself into hard electronic rhythms and I am keen on
freestyle and go-go-dance in general. Music is my life,
it means the world to me. I love exploring it, as well
as dancing and losing myself into industrial for the masses.
If I could describe myself, I would say that I am a workaholic,
creative, kind, smart, sarcastic, friendly, honest and much more,
but I prefer that people realise on their own what I am and draw their
own picture in their mind. \\\\\\\"Zirconia\\\\\\\" is a nickname I use
in most of the sites I am in.



Next day is a holiday

Club Information .....................

Capacity 600 people

Deco by Goa
Deco by nikoxil

Doors Open at 24:00 till 8:00
Age over 18
Management reserves the right to refuse admission
Security on the door
No illegal substances
Full Aircondition

Supported by:

Sponsored by:

Dub Street & club wear / Ermou 101 tel:2103226644

Flying Agaric _ Ag.fotinis 57 N.ionia Athens Greece tel 210-2778063 _

Themistokleous 49 Exarxeia tel:210-3825306

Druid Amanita _ Al. Panagouli 73 LEPTOKARIA DRUID / AMANITA Clothes and ... 43 PLATAMONAS DRUID

/ AMANITA Clothes and Accessories: K. Karamanli 53


Entrance Fee ..... From 24:00 till
1:00 - 20 euros
after 1:00 25 euro + Drink



Underworld Club -

Themistokleous & Gamveta, Exarchia,


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