Germany  FRESH FLOWERS (Psyground Live; Boom Shankar; Fabiuz; VELQUE)

Mar 7, 2008, Nürnberg

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Date: Jan 26, 2008
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Live: *** PSYGROUND *** (BMSS Freiburg )

The Highdelberg and Darmstadt based psychedelic Full On Live - Act Psyground consists out of 2 Psychedelic Friends. Antonello Daccione, a jazz piano player, having his first psychedelic Trance Experiences in 2003, and Martin Lawrenz (Bert), a music producer coming from a grounding in Big Beatz and Breaks. In the year 2004 they joined creative forces to create their Psy Trance Project Psyground. Based on funky, melodic bassline parts and hypnotic sequences they create a composition far away from common cliches of Full On and Progressive. A true melting pot of Psychedelic Ingredients and Groovy Spices which will defenately bring you to the Dancefloor!

DJs: *** ALEXSOPH *** (BMSS Freiburg / Jamas)

Alexsoph is Alex Walter, a 24 year old DJ and Artist from Southern Germany. Formed with friends the tribe Jamas some years ago. This tribe organizes special family parties around the Bodensee area and is now as well part of the BMSS Family. His style of music can be characterized as cutting edge Psy Trance with a progressive Note. He has a sense of what people really need on the Dance floor, and this is his purpose: To kick ass!

*** BOOM SHANKAR *** (BMSS Freiburg / Freak Time Prod. / Myspace:

Armin, a 27 year old Artist from Southern Germany got known to the Goa Scene back in 1996 on magical gatherings in Switzerland. The combination of Travelling to Asia and djing formed soon a very strong connection still lasting and led to his final artist name: Boom Shankar. In 2001 he founded with friends the tribe ?Bruder Mond Schwester Sonne- (BMSS) which can be translated into -Brother Moon Sister Sun-. Meaning: ?Everything is one?. The network grew and finally reached an energetic but still commercially healthy level, keeping elements from the Goa ages and combining them with the modern Psy Trance fractals. Boom Shankar´s sets are a mirror of this combination and can be characterized as full of pressure and deepness. Positive melodies, throbbing basslines and the full spectrum of psychedelic - mindblowing effects are compulsory elements.

*** KHELBEN *** (SoKhe / BMSS Stuttgart

Dj Khelben is Simon, a 26 year old tool maker who lives in Geislingen next to Stuttgart in Southern Germany. In the year 2001 he and a few friends started to organise parties which attracted hundreds of visitors in Southern Germany. It was the same time he and his Dj partner Flo aka Sordral began to work behind the turntables together - The project SoKhe was born.

*** OkiN ShaH *** (DELICATE VYBZ

Okin Shah is Nikolaj Schapitz from Southern Germany (Stuttgart). He's member of the DELICATEK Tribe (located in Baden-Würrtemberg and founded in 2006), which is open to all kinds of electronic music. Okin Shah started DJing in 2002 and soon turned to Goa + Psytrance music. He made experiences while passing on different OpenAir Festivals, mainly in France (eg. TransOFF), and on some GoaParties in South Germany. Okin Shah is also producing beats + samples with his KORG Sequencers + the RM1x to push forward his LiveAct plans with DJ Esloate.

*** ANDVARI (Alice-D) ***

Andvari has already played at several parties in Munich. Now he has moved to Nuremberg and will have his debut @ Fresh Flowers in this area. Welcome to Franken!

*** SamohD (Nürnberg ) ***


*** BALU ***

DJ Balu plays music since 1995 (Goa since 2000). Either alone or with his friend DJ Wonga he knows how to carry along the crowd. You can see them once a month @ Natraj-Temple in Munich ( His style covers a veriety from Progressive to Full-On including crushing guitar samples in the range from 130-145 bpm.

*** FABIUZ *** ( / Myspace:

DJ Fabiuz from germany was born 1986 in Kuwait he started to discover this world. In germany he came first time in contact with psychedelic trance music and decided to become one of this djs.
Actually he also works in a live project with his friend Airi. It is called Snack Shop. The style that he prefers to play is energy Trance from 149bpm to 152bpm. But his dj sets are also morning orientated if the crowed neeeds it!

*** CHICO *** (Velque)

DJ Chico is well known in the local party culture. He plays Goa and Psy-Trance for decades, starting with vinyl at the very beginnging.
His Style is a mix of deep and nearly dark kicks and basslines with funny samples/tracks on top. DJ Chico played at Erntedankfest, Veitstanz and Silvester and delivered massive positive vibes to the dancefloor.

*** CURIOUS *** (MESA Rec.)

DJ curious is Chris, 24, from Berlin. He has been addicted to PsyTrance for many years. Out of his fascination for this music he started playing music in 2005. Last year he moved to Ansbach near Nuremberg and played for the first time in the south at ?Veitstanz?. At the New Years Eve Party ?Durchgeknallt? he played an amazing 7-hour-set . His style features deep kicks as well as great melodies that invite you to drift away from this world.

[primary lineup finshed]

Impressive 6kw soundsystem by "Al" und Velque





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