Germany  SearCh the Fairies - SearCh`s Birthday

Oct 26, 2007, Lollar

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Date: Oct 22, 2007
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Live: Kommt noch

DJs: M i g o s c h - ( Children-of-Goa-Team / Friedberg)
E p i t h e l - ( F.I.T - Familien Takt / Frankfurt )
S c h r i t t m a c h e r - ( F f m )
S c h a l l v i r u s - Giessen
P e g a s u s - ( Come2Dance / Klimawandel Projekt Giessen )
little devil - ( Come2Dance Giessen )
+Gast Dj`s


0160-92966414 ab Mittwoch, den 24.10.2007 geschaltet



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