Hungary  Szurdok-Völgy (canyon-valley)

Aug 24, 2007, near to Budapest

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Date: Aug 8, 2007
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DJs: Goa | Tribal | Progressive-trance

Gio (sunshine explosion, Austria)
MARCA-to (sunshine Explosion, Austria)
Total Spektrum (Megaherz, hungary)
Kraak (Spiralexit, hungary)
Vibo (megaherz, hungary)
Tsubi (psylife, hungary)
Format c (hungary)

Drum and Bass and Dark-Step

Krooked (timeless rec., AUSTRIA)
Xpirienz (3151 sound, austria) + Mc Flax (austria)
Levo (movement inside, hungary)
Dtr (deep upstairs, hungary)

Minimal | Elektro | House

Plazma (beatspecialists, hungary)
Ioda vs. Tempo (nvc, hungary)
Kraak (spiralexit, hungary)
Oyle (party.origo, hungary)
Detective Kelly (hungary)
Sakal (lollipop, hungary)




near to Budapest

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