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Jul 21, 2007, DORTMUND

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Date: Jul 15, 2007
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DIGITAL EYE is the new Project from Tobi Lange and Rene Plattner also known as LIQUID SUN,both of them are musicians for a long time and members of DOOFLEX Rec. + TRANCEFORCE Rec stationed in NRW. Their Sound is powerful, unique Full-On - MorningTrance!!! Since 3 Years these guys rocks dancefoors national and international, for example they played in Austria, Germany, Swiss, Thailand and in lots more....This Year these guys gonna be very busy by producing her first Album and by rocking a lot of bookings allover in Germany and perhaps in Europe. DIGITAL EYE is working with PC, Cubase sx3, Nuendo 3, Midikeyboard, Virus Indigo, Clavia Nord Lead, and with a lot of PlugIns...Get Ready To Lost Yourself In Their Music!!!!

Ekoplex (Ray Vincent) has now been thrilling dance floors across Eastern Canada for the better half of a decade. He regularly appears at indoor events as well as outdoor festivals, with his biggest gig to date being Eclipse 2006. Honing his approach through the years, Ekoplex has developed a visually impressive live show involving a midi-controlled guitar and keyboard combination, infusing every performance with a unique character. His style is best described as dark atmospheric psytrance that ranges between 136 to 145 BPM. With an arsenal of heavy rolling beats for the dead of night, ethereal psychedelic offerings for sunrise, and slower grooves for the afternoon or early evening, Ekoplex is versatile enough to play at any time. In early 2007, Ekoplex rocketed to the top of the Cytopia sales charts with Castle In The Mountain, a song that combines crunchy techtrance rhythms with glistening melodic highs. Beyond music production, Ekoplex has recently founded Aurora Boreal Records, a new label designed to promote up and coming Canadian psytrance producers.


He is something u could call twilight to dark psychedelia, with a few drops of experimentalism. Something a bit unusual.
Groovy basslines, juggling kick, and powerfull drums is what u may hear.
You will find him at a quite various tempo, but no slower 143, and to 150+
And since then, it has evolved more to a unusual, nighttime project.
He has since last years joined and been working with the crew of Tranceforce Records (Germany), so hear the new full on /progressive night sound.

DJs: Afrodelic ( Para meta music)
Lamontanara (Profusion rec/aut)
IN-TAKT-O-GEN (mo-no-loyd / SDT)
Giftzwerg (Spiraldream)
Darek (Tranceforce)
Besnik (hagen)





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