Sweden  070707 Special GOAGIL wedding party in Scandinavia

Jul 7, 2007 16:20:00 - Jul 8, 2007 22:00:00, South of

Date: Apr 13, 2007
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On 07/07/2007, the Cosmic Alliance Day,
Goa Gil will spin a full power set for TorstenĀ“s and Iselin's wedding party.
Goa Gil has initiated many people across Earth to the mysical vibrations of ancient mystical knowledge, related to Shiva/Parvati . He has the capability not unlike many other dj's, to play uninterrupted for many hours, a specific type of trance music that is hypnotic and deeply spiritual. Iselin will create magical performance ART for this gallactic happening. A movie from a unique performance piece that was showcased in Boom Festival 2006 can be viewed by clicking on Lineup / The Freakshow. Torsten aka Omananda who is the co-creator of Liquid Crystal Vision will project amazing visual ART in this happening. The wedding takes place on the 7th, around 7.07 am.
070707 will be in the woods of Southern Scandinavia, readily accessible from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Norway, with reasonable travel options from major European airports, such as Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and ferry connections to the mainland of Europe, as well as intergallactic portal entrances. The party starts on Friday afternoon. It will go through Saturday until Sunday, with camping options throughout the weekend. Main party night is Saturday, with trance beginning at 10 pm. An Ambient chill-out space that will start on Friday and end on Sunday provides a relaxed atmosphere, as an alternative to main floor madness. This event will have a sacred healing area with guides who are experienced in creating safe party environments. There will be FREE water, organic food, and lot's of champagne, but no alcohol being sold.

So, come and join the fun, travel to distant star systems with us and communicate with beings from other dimensions, connect with nature, and beautiful people.
You are invited to join the fun.

The 070707 team

Open Air

GOAGIL on Mainfloor


PsyCoPilots DJ Team








20 euro presale @ http://www.zeroseven.se


to be announced

website: http://www.zeroseven.se

South of Sweden, easily accessible from Danemark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany

in the woods xx

South of

Author: D-A-R-K / Date: 12.08.2008 06:20:52

Hehe nice!!

Congrats on the wedding first of all :D

Is there a video that was casted or maybe dj mix we could hear somewhere?


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