Greece  NOMAD from Mindcontrol Records 17/03/2007

Mar 17, 2007, Thessaloniki

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Date: Feb 22, 2007
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Live: NOMAD - (Mindcontrol records/Planet-BEN records)
Djing since 1992, Mael has began to play in Paris, and became quickly one of the well known
DJs of the ?parisian scene?. His beat on beat mixing technic was his force, and all the
foreigner DJs who came to play in the parties in France where he was playing used to be
positivly surprised by this ?local dj?...But for the guitar player he was, playing the
music of others were not a final goal.
He made his first collaborations with his friend from school DJ Lestat (aka Talamasca),
and DJ Christof (Absolum) under the name of Elixir.

DJs: Moonsun - (MoonSun Records/Metatron Records)
Dino Mindwash - (Moonsun Records}
Mentalab(Angelo) - (MoonSun Records)
Absolut Zero - (Moonsun Rec/Solar FX/Plasmatica Group)
Kreon - (Camoflash/Headstick rec.)


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