Argentina  Dancing Budhas New Moon Psychedelic Outdoor Fest: Fraktal Noise (Ib, Disco Valley Recs)

Feb 17, 2007 18:00:00 - Feb 18, 2007 14:00:00

Date: Feb 15, 2007
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Area: Events

Picutres from the place El Paraiso:


Video last full moon 03.02.07:

Pictures last full moon 03.02.07:

Open Air

18:30hs a 19:30hs Clase de Yoga

20:00hs a 21:00hs Gourishankar Meditation

21:00hs a 22:30hs Ambient

22:30hs a 00:30hs Serz Vs Pandemonix

00:30hs a 02:30hs Niko

02:30hs a 04:30hs Pandy

04:30hs a 07:00hs Fraktal Noise

07:00hs a 09:00hs Moksha

09:00hs a 10:30hs D-Mension

10:30hs a 12:00hs Dj Guest

12:00hs a 14:00hs Avisman




Gral Rodriguez

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