Greece  Eternal Motion presents : TALAMASCA - PARANORMAL ATTACK

Mar 3, 2007, Thessaloniki

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Date: Jan 31, 2007
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Live: From France

TALAMASCA is a solo project from Cedric Dassulle , a French dj who began to play in Paris in
psytrance parties around 1992. The psytrance scene is not as powerful in France as it is in some
other parts of the world where it is the mainstream music, like Brazil, Japan, or Israel.
In 1996, he decided to make his own project, under the name of talamasca, and first released
on an Israeli label called "krembo records".
With the big success of his music, Talamasca was suddenly playing much more
live acts than dj sets, and began to be considered as one of the
leaders of the international trance scene. He decided to create in 1998 his own label called
3D Vision, which became quickly one of the leading labels of this style of music.
Nowadays, Talamasca is one of the most requested live acts in all big festivals such as
full-moon festival, Samothraki or the boom festival in Europe, Eclipse, the biggest electronic
festival of Canada, in the Chemical sound festival in Rio, in the Goa sound festival in Mexico,
in summer arcade Fuji festival in Japan, and of course many more.
Talamasca has just opened in 2004 his new label, called "mind control records", based in Paris,
and is now working on his 5th album, expected for December 2005.
Talamasca had performed in the following countries of Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Germany,
Portugal, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, United States of America, England, Austria, Australia,
India, Taiwan, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Sweden, Denmark, Spain,
Canada, South Africa, Cyprus, Russia, Hungary, and Argentina, for now.
Everywhere talamasca played , he went back and striked again , and that is because of this busy
schedule that if you wanted to book talamasca , you should ask few monthes in advance...

From Portugal

Paranormal Attack is a project leaded by, Dj Xangaii (Rui Olivera),
a talented musician from Portugal who started his musical career with the age of 8 years old.
The keyboard lessons were the first contact with music and, during 9 years,
he was involved with rock bands, classical and after electronic music.
The first big hit from Xangaii was the rmx to "Seek And Destroy" from Metallica,
track that put the name Paranormal Attack in the world electronic music's scene.
Today in Chemical Crew Records, Paranormal Attack is requested to take his show all over the globe.
Countries like Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, Cyprus, Germany, Serbia, Greece and Russia
have been already visited by Xangaii and his crew.
Placed in the 4th place of the portuguese djs/producers ranking list (
Paranormal Attack is in the middle of the best house and techno producers from Portugal.
After many tracks released in various compilations Xangaii bring his first album called "Phenomenon" released by Chemical Crew Records, label in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
"Phenomenon" brings to you influences from Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and of course, Classical music.
Released in the end of 2005, "Phenomenon" is in the shops all over the globe

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