Austria  -Drops Reflection10 BASIC + DNA - in memorial to Cosma R.I.P

Feb 10, 2007, Wien

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Date: Feb 10, 2007
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Live: BASIC-(bne rec) isr. second time in vienna :) presenting their new amazing album!:)

BASIC is the dynamic duo of Benny Risher + Shahar Fahima, hailing from northern Israel. They have been working together for two years since meeting in a party that Shahar Dj?d at. Soon after, they started producing together under the name BASIC.
Many will agree that BASIC?s innovative music can only be defined as an astonishing blend of atmospheric melodies with very strong bass lines and grooves, that will fill your mind + soul, but will also pump your feet to the max, anytime, anywhere.
In the short time since they started producing music under BASIC, Benny + Shahar have been honored to have numerous tracks released in various worldwide compilations:

?Master System? ? (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
?Facing The Sun? ? (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
?Basic Technologies? ? (Hyperflow/Flow Records) Portugal
?Japanic? ? (Sirius Records) Japan
?Sushi + Wasabi? (Crystal Matrix) Portugal
?Neverland? (Utopia Records) Israel
?Toyster (Psytropic) Germany
?Break out? (Millennium YSE Records) England
?Sync? (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
?Mind Factor? Vs Echotek (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
?Days Of Power? (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
Today, Basic are considered one of the most refreshing and innovative acts the Trance scene has to offer. Their unique sound and massive live show energy has already captured the attention of thousands, gaining them an ever growing + dedicated fan base.

Believe the Theory of Hype?is the name of their new amaizing upcoming album!

DNA-(phonokol rec.)isr.----first time in austria!
DNA ? Zeev Kardonsky and Eitan Tanami (A.K.A Injection) are two of the most talented and innovative electronic music makers emerging from Israel Over the past few years that developed their own style and sound and became one of the most popular artists at the worldwide PSY Trance scene After the release of their debut album "Kick Me Up" on Phonokol early this year! DNA enjoys a massive support from top international trance djs and labels (their single "The Music" is currently being re issued on the new "Stash Bag" compilation, compiled by Raja Ram on TIP World) and had many successful releases on various worldwide compilation before and after their album release! In this new "Next Generation" compilation, DNA includes the Brilliant remix done to Behemoth of Wizzy Noise that became an overnight hit and was played (and still is) in every trance party in the world! The boys had remixed recently some of their favorite tracks from the recent years especially for this project: PsySex ? Japanese Awa Melicia ? Running Out Of Time Quantum-Need for Lead Each of these remixes is very diverse and different from the other but they are all monster hits!!! They also collaborated with Melicia to create the amazing "Magic Stick" Track that is also featured on this compilation. The boys had chosen 3 other artists new current Psy Trance hits done by top trance artists to complete this compilation: Space Cat ? Kreak ? Take 2 X-Noise Rock It ? Psy Craft Rmx Domestic + X-Noise ? Flaming Dart The compilation is sealed with a new Injection (the solo project of Eitan from DNA) track called Massive Attack! The Next Generation compilation by DNA is an extra ordinary compilation loaded with hits and dance floor stormers ? a powerful trance experience initiated and compiled by DNA ? a top class trance act of the next generation of Israels trance masters ? the future of the worldwide trance scene f or the years to come!!!!

DJs: anza -( batusim)at.

.combinations--(boofcontrol and paradox) groove criminlas rec. isr/at.

ro-tama-(groove criminlas rec.)at.

malex-(groove crimnals rec.)at.

pinkpanter -(final fantasy)at.

8zack-(final fantasy )at.


Special Djset by Boofcontrol + Basic
in Memorial to Cosma (Rest in Peace)





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