Germany  Pulsar Vibration - Xanadu

Jan 13, 2007, Stettin / Polen

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Date: Dec 18, 2006
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Live: Mad Contrabender LIVE (Midijum Records, NL)

Mummra LIVE (Savva Records, NL)

Lightsphere LIVE (Pulsar Tranceformation, Mental Arts Rec. PL)

DJs: PGM + ILA ( Savva Rec. GER)
Dharma (Pulsar TranceFormation,GER)
Ohmega (Children of Ganesh, NL)
Epix (Pulsar TranceFormation, Warszawa)
Embrion (Pulsar TranceFormation, Warszawa)
Sathi (Pulsar TranceFormation, Warszawa)
YadYam (Pulsar TranceFormation, PL)
Pulsar TranceFormation DJs

Stettin / Polen

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