Germany  ATOMIC PULSE, HALDOLIUM ... @ Klangspieler Druckausgleich

Mar 31, 2007, Berlin

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Date: Mar 28, 2007
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Live: Atomic Pulse (B.N.E/YoYo Rec - Israel) - FIRST TIME IN BERLIN
presenting his new album MultiVerse - LIVE + DJ

Haldolium (Plusquam rec - Germany) - ihr Ausnahmegig 2007 in Deutschland, eine Reise in die
Wurzeln des Progressive Trance ;-) Don't miss it !!!

Biotouch (Crystal Vision Rec - Portugal) - FIRST TIME IN BERLIN
presenting their new album - LIVE + DJ

After their first contact with Trance music back in 1993, Haldolium have made a constant evolution over the early progressive trance years.
Starting on the forefront of the upcoming progressive movement they got famous for their very own style of kickin, phat, but minimal, straight german trance.
But they always tried to explore also others forms of trance, deep mystic downbeat and ambient tunes, as well as more groovy and clubby styles.
We will find a range from sexy groovy sounds and dark progressive psychedelic tunes for the dancefloors at night, as. All tracks are very dancefloor orientated, with high quality production and mastering, showing the matured skills and musical knowledge of the artists.
For a long time we didn't hear anything about the two guys and are now amazed to be able to present them with a fat revival gig of the good old times at our party. BOOM...
Tamir Ozana started out his music career at the age of 16 when he bought his first synthesizer - Virus. He went on to discover Rock music before becoming Creasy with synthesizers, computers and Trance music.

After finishing studying sound engineering at the age of 18, he started to establish all the things that he learned through the years. He was first introduced to the PsyTrance scene by Dede Nachmias a.k.a Dj Dede, of Spectrum Music.

Tamir wrote his first Hit with Astrix, ?Valirus?. The track was picked up by DJ Eyal (Hommega Rec.Israel), The track was remixed by Sub 6 and got released by T.I.P Rec. His sound was instantly recognizable as his Dance style, a blend of full on grooves, Dance structures, and epic ?Psy? melodies. His 2nd hit was written 3 months after, a 2nd track with Astrix "Optical Vibes" that was released also by hommega rec "Full On 3? compilation.

This sound was refined over the next year, with his signing to Spectrum Music and the subsequent release of numerous tracks such as "lucid Dreams", "Im Real","Activety" I Know What i Saw", "360 Degrees", "Scientific Reality", "Robotnico" and "Visions", released on Spectrum Music.

The debut album (2002), "The SAFI Collection", followed closely afterwards, featuring dance floor success's such as "Digital Self", "Elements", "Monster D.N.A", and a remix of the aforementioned "Prince Of paranoia, the hit - Of Safi Connection. With the success of the album, Tamir + Yair careers as a live performers and djs, took off at amazing speed. After numerous parties in Israel, he first headed off to Brazil for the acclaimed SkolBeats Music Festival. This festival plays host to hundreds of acts and draws crowds in excess of 250,000 people every year. Bookings in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, U.S.A, Canada, Japan, South Africa, India, Morocco, Singapore, followed, as well as extensive tours in all of Brazil and Europe, including U.K, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Swiss, Bosnia, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Serbia and many others. To date they are played on every major continent, and received much praise for there Special and emotional live shows. They appeared along side dj and artists not only from the psy trance scene such as: George BenJore(Brasil), Sidad Negro(Brasil), Tiesto, S.S.O, MoShic, Ofer Nissim and others.

The 2nd album "Detoxicated" was a big sucsses in 2004. The album sound consists of full-on music blending with hard elements of groove, progressive, dance and with an epic feel.

The Album is rich in harmonic grooves and full on power that will gain access to both the psychedelic and the clubber crowds and ranges from the epic morning sounds to the hard and dark harmonic of night tracks. This album features 2 International Artist: "Shanti a.k.a juvenile"(2nd trk), "Dimitry Nakov-G.B.U"(4th trk) and a remix to the 1 of the 1st trance tracks in the Psytrance scene "becktierd-Robotnico". After releasing the album the boys got bookings again and started the world tour 2004-2005..

"Direct Source" is Atomic Pulse 3rd Album, released in March 2006 On B.N.E Records. In this album the boys changed their style from psychedelic Trance to more Mainstream Trance features melodic epic with Progressive and techno rhythms.

This album includes collaboration with label mate "Fatali", Spun's Artist: "Cyrus The Virus", and Mother Productions resident and co-owner of LightMusicJapan DJ Ta-Ka, and a remix collaboration of the "Noise Freak" that made by Atomic Pulse vs Astrix. the boys launched their album all over the world from Japan to a special party on 2006 -"SoulClipse Festival 2006". Atomic Pulse is set for an upcoming 2006 worldwide tour Including: Germany, U.K, Spain, Japan, Morocco, Greece, Holland, Portugal, Swiss, U.S.A, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Serbia, Austria, Australia and many more.

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João Marques and Ricardo Ferreira aka BioTouCh. Living in his hometown, Lisbon, they started listening to trance music since very early, and going to trance parties in 99/00. By the end of that year, João started studying music, finishing now the Portuguese music conservatory (8th years). Ricardo is now a well know Portuguese dj, sound technician, executive producer and yoga teacher. So the musician meets the technician, leading them to develop their own high tech style. They developed a very good production technique, based on a psychedelic environment with powerful basslines and morning melodies! Their talent didn't go unnoticed by some international labels, so they joined Cristal Vision Records from Italy.

Tamir Ozana (Atomic pulse - bne/ Israel)
DJ Luciano ML (Proton rec - Brazil)
Dj Loko (Odd Records/Crystal Vision Rec - Portugal)
DJ ResQ ( mushroom)

Knorr + Schnoor (echoes rec israel/ Beatfreakz HH)
Koszki (klangspieler rec)
DJ influxx (tanzschickeria)
Hutch + B.foolish (klangspieler rec/ Tanzschickeria)





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