Germany  ~BEAT TRANCEPORT~ True Lies + Labaaz *live*+special deal 4 u

May 12, 2007, Cologne / Köln

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Date: May 12, 2007
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Live: *** TRUE LIES *** (Candyflip Rec. / Blue Tunes Rec.) GERMANY
The sideproject of Symphonix / Djs Montagu + Golkonda it´s "True Lies". The style of these project is progressive house with electro influences and you can find already releases at Blue Tunes, Echoes and Candyflip Records. The debut album is going to be released in May 2007 at Candyflip records from Greece.
More info´s and soundfiles:

*** LABAAZ *** (Soultribe Rec. / Echoes Rec. / Paste) SWITZERLAND
Patrick started his career as a DJ in various outdoor partys in 1995. He was organizing Goa Trance Partys from 1995 till 1998 where he also was playing under the name DJ JP. It took not long as he got booked from several organisations in switzerland to perform his DJ sets. In 1999 Patrick got influences by the more Progressive and Minimal Psytrance. At this time he also boght some first equipment to produce his own music. In 2000 he was founding the Project PASTE with his friend Stefan who was also djing for a long time. With Paste they were very succsesfull and they had until 2003 more then fifty releases on several Psytrance and Progressive Labels. In 2003 they released the Artist Album Blow Out on Interzone Records Switzerland. At this time Patrick was also starting to work on the La Baaz project. As a DJ he got influented from the more deep + housy sound. The first releases were not far and La Baaz released his first ep on Flow records ( The Track Bostic got a hit and was play in several Progressive clubs and Parties around the Globe. By the end of 2003 Patrick was ready to perform Live Acts. The debut he did in the well know techno club Rohstofflager ( in Zürich. 2004 La Baaz was performing as DJ and Live Act in several countrys like Brasil , Mexico , Japan , Germany + Switzerland. On his Barsilian Tour in 2004 he performed in Rio de Janero, Sao Paulo , Brasilia + Bahia. He could do a contract with the in Sao Paulo based Label Aeon Records for an upcoming cd. By the end of the Year the long awaited Track Scroll got releaesd on the french label Submachine Records ( It got a burner on many dancefloors!! In summer 2004 DJ La Baaz got booked in legendary underground club Spider Galaxy" in Zürich. There he was playing his famous sets every month until the club got closed. In 2005 he had Releases on Labels like (Headstick , Fatform + Flow) and many performances as a DJ and Live Act. 2006 started with a release on the french label fatform rec . followed by a release on the canadian label coldgroove rec. The next release will be on a compilation from b.p.f records Japan compiled by Dj Tonio and another ep on ther german label
Soultribe records http:// In 2007 there are upcoming releases on labels like Plusquam and Echoes.
More info´s:

DJs: *** LA BAAZ *** (Soultribe Rec. / Echoes Rec. / Part of Paste) SWITZERLAND

*** MONTAGU + GOLKONDA *** (Symphonix / Blue Tunes Rec.)

*** STARSKY ***



*** DJANE LOTTE *** (Synphonie Rec. / Waldfrieden)


3 days be4 (+49) 175 44 979 10


Cologne / Köln

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