Italy  *** SYNCHRONICITY__THREE - INDRA_Israel Live ACT + DJ... ***

Nov 25, 2006, ...near Bologna

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Date: Nov 25, 2006
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Live: * INDRA (Crystal Vision Rec.ISRAEL)


Indra is Oshri Krispin (20), from Beer-Sheva, Israel.
Oshri K started to develop Indra in early 2000. In spite of his age
Indra has sharp + brilliant production followed by amazing ideas
melodies, fx, atmospheres + a great variety of frequencies.
Indra’s music is influenced by GMS , Eskimo and Infected Mushroom to name a few
Oshri is has a very dynamic brain + creative spirit.
Oshri K aka Indra has already collaborated with Matan aka GatakaSesto Sento
Guy - Beat HackersTrauma Haggy - Future Prophecy – Indra (Remixed by Indra
also working on full length album with HollyMan from Enigmatic Sound rec Japan,
Ultra voice (avi) and Aquatica (Elad) indra remix to diamond sky Genetic Syndrome – Ilan,
Perplex – Ronen,Dynamic – Shay and more coming soon.
Indra already has releases on various labels such as Sigma rec, Phonokol rec. Agitato rec. USTA rec, Enigmatic Sound rec. Kagdila rec,Shivlink rec, Tribadelic rec. Spliff Music rec.,Magma rec.
Compact rec.,Crystal-Vision rec.,...and more to come.
Now indra work on new album in Crystal-Vision rec – Italy.

DJs: * OSHRI INDRA (Crystal Vision Rec.ISRAEL)

* MASSI (Magma Rec.)

* OLIVER (Indipendent)

* AXON (TranceLab)

* TOMMY (Crystal Vison Rec.)

* EMY (Space Indalo)

* TASO (M.s.C.m.A.)

* MADMAN (TranceLab)


++39.3384709681 ++39 338.9162711 ++39 333.1173555


...near Bologna

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