Italy  "AllienSunset " +AFTER 20km Psy e beach-Mad Contrabender liv

Oct 14, 2006, Riviera Adriatica

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Date: Oct 12, 2006
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Live: AFTER PARTY ORGANIZZATO DA PSY FLY ,circa 20 Km dalla Festa
Location Villa Privata.

Organizzazione PSY FLY

midijum records Netherlands

Full on Live set

savva records Netherlands
presenting upcomming debut album

Progressive live

We consist of 2 guys
Frank Louw ( Mad Contrabender )(mandylionstudio/NL)
Dick Lissenburg (dj Ohmega- Children of Ganesh/NL)
We started making/playing trance (2001) we had the name "Mandylion" and we did some releases on Yellow sunschine and midijum records.
After 2 years we had to change our name because of problems with a German hardrock-band who had the same name. Than we changed our name to Mad Contrabender.
Last year we started MUMMRA @ savva records.
Our debut album "the Hive"wil be comming in december/januari @ savva or spintwist records.

We have played live and dj-sets in Netherlands, Germany, Marrocco, Swiss, Belgian, Sweden, Hungary, Tsjechia, Spain, etc.

For more past gigs information have a look on our website @ past dates.

DJs: * Dj Veda (Intro set/ Solarsiv records)

* Dj Kronos (Indipendent)

* Dj Tama (OuterSpaceVibes)

* Dj Ohmega vs. Mad Contrabender (NL)


++39 393 72 66 819,++39 328 66 25 678


Riviera Adriatica

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