Lithuania  Shambala festival

Jul 21, 2006 - Jul 25, 2006

Date: Jun 5, 2006
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The world is rapidly transforming and this gathering is a little part of the conscious move towards a global change. The number of magic people consciously transforming the world is increasing giving all us the hope for the bright future. United under one roof of cosmic love and understanding humanity will be absorbed into another leap of consciousness evolution. It will be a life full of love, joy and happiness for everyone living in harmony with themselves, the community and environment. Social three dimensional world will harmonize completely as Natures world is harmonized and this will open the gates of four dimensional existence with its incredible possibilities we can only dream about. Dream to create! Future is ultimately Now!

The event is happening for the third and probably for the last time and its taking place in a beautiful lakeside location in Dzukija forest in Lithuania. Apart of dance and chillout it will have some theoretical and practical esoterics - Yoga, Reiki healing, shamanic sauna, coal walking, psychedelic cinema and other things.
The actual festival is sheduled for 21-23 July, but it will continue with two days Day-Out-Of-Time afterparty.

More info will come up very soon on our website -


Open Air

Dancefloor LIVE:

Digicult - Dacru, Belgium

Planum - Russia

Puoskari - Freakdance rec., Finland

Reality Grid - Wildthings rec., UK

Dancefloor DJs: Adrin - Euthanasia, Belarus

Andy Solar - UK

Shaker - Israel

Betty Bop - Elluminate, UK

Blue Storm - Netherlands

Dea - Psychomania, Macedonia


Escogido - Siloka

Fedro - Brainwaves, Portugal

Jamie Robinson - Phantasm rec., UK

Leon - Wildthings rec., UK

Malanka - Higherealm

Man@Space - LiquidS, Latvia

Nemesis - Dacru, Belgium

Seaone - The Globe, UK

Shakti - Estonia

Soth - Music for Kobolds, Austria

Trantic - Higherealm/Transformers

Unitonevision - Sunstation, Russia

Zooch - Higherealm

Chillout LIVE:

Karma Connection - UK

Monkas Zen

Santi Bulu - France

Chillout DJs:


Avalaugh Ben - Operation avalaugh, UK

Blue Storm - Netherlands

Direktorius - Green sounds

Earthwalker - UK

Iguana - Higherealm

Incredible Tide - Italy

Psi Psokoino - Estonia

Red Serpent - Higherealm

Wickiss - LiquidS, Latvia

Zuvuya - LIquidS, Latvia


Fluoro decos and backdrops created specially for the party by different artist joining one concept.
VJs: Mandalarsen - France
Wickiss - LiquidS, Latvia







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