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May 13, 2006, Cabeça Veada, Mendiga, Po...

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Date: Mar 29, 2006
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Live: Cosmo (Noise Poison Rec./ Deja Vu Rec./ Insomnia Rec.) 1ª vez em Portugal (Apresentação do Album Gravity)
Organik Gaia is pleased to bring to Portugal for the first time the young and talented Slovak musician Peter Cubala known as Cosmo. He survived the crazy psicadelic experiments to bring a new breath to the psichedelic trance scene. Cosmo´s stile can be described as fast and furious, extremly brutal sci-fi acid trance for those who love pwerfull energetic vibes. =)

Atary (Union Prod. / Workstation Rec.)
Divine Unit (Workstation Rec. / Psylosophy Rec.)
Shakri (Psylosophy Team/Happyminds)
Myrah (Happyminds / Psygathering / Workstation Rec.)

DJs: Ay-Ash aka Xamã Cirkus (Trishula/Kabrathor Rec.)
Tracer (Intase/Happyminds)
Entheox (Intase/Happyminds)
Night_Rider (Intase/Domination)


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Cabeça Veada, Mendiga, Po...

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