Mar 25, 2006, Köln Deutz - Cologne

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Date: Mar 26, 2006
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Live: *** PSYCRAFT
(Hommega Rec. / ISRAEL) present exclusive they new album "Computech" out now !
Psy Craft are Alon Algrasi and Nir Sidon from Be'er-Sheva. The pair started making trance in 1995 under the name Cybel and later changed their name to Psy Craft. Alon has been playing music since the age of 9 - four years on the organ and another four on guitar. Nir has a similar background with some more time on the organ and some less on the guitar. They both do everything, but Nir is more on the technical side and Alon more on the musical side of things. Alon is also responsible for all the guitar parts, which he plays himself. They released their debut album - "Gravitech" in 2001 and their 2nd album – "New Moves" in 2004. Psy Craft tracks appear on HOMmega and T.I.P compilations. They have remixed tracks of Space Cat and Psy Sex and just recently they finished a remix to the classic hit of Infected Mushroom + Yahel – "Electro panic".
They guys are really happy to present to you they new album "Computech"

(Iboga Rec. / SInn Tec Rec. / SCHWEIZ)
Nicola Capobianco became already at an early age addicted to the magic of rhythms. He began playing Progressive Trance in the end of 1993, and soon performed at major raves in Switzerland. Later he developed his passion for writing and composing his own music. In the year 1999 he discovered his love for the Psy-Music. It did not take long to get completely infected by the Psy-Virus. After that, he started producing his own Psy-Tracks under the new project name Liquid Soul. His breakthrough in the psychedelic world took place at the legendary Halluzi-Nation Festival (Synthetic Vibes, CH) in August 2002, where he enchanted the dancing crowd with his music. This gig aroused the interest of several labels. In spring 2003 his first Psy-Tracks were released. After numberless gigs in Switzerland, Liquid Soul got the chance to demonstrate his abilities at the Voov-Experience 2004 (D) and therefore accepted other bookings in Germany, Brasil, Austria, Israel, Croatia and so on… Besides that, further productions took place on leading labels such as Iboga, Plusquam,
Sinn Tec, Flow, Plastik Park, Interzone, Y.S.E, Domo, Blue Tunes and others.
His new album will be released on Iboga Records in june 2006 !

(Blue Tunes Rec. / Hamburg)
More infos of the new side project of SYMPHONIX / Montagu + Golkonda coming soon.

DJs: Main floor:

(Midijum Rec.)

(Blue Tune Rec. / Tshitraka)

(Pit Stop Prod)

(Sinn Tec Rec. / Evolution Festival Org)

(Tshitraka / Blue Tune Rec.)

(Miracle Prod)

Second floor:

(Sinn Tec Rec.)

(Sinn Tec Rec.)

(Soultribe Rec.)

(Tranceforce Rec. / FST)


3 days be4 call (+49) 179 74 95 142

Köln Deutz - Cologne

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