Netherlands  ~ Wildlife ~ Classics an introduction event Snowgoose

Jan 13, 2006 21:00:00 - Jan 14, 2006 05:00:00, Purmerend, 20 km north of Amsterdam

Date: Jan 13, 2006
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~ Invitation ~

to a new monthly dance event

~ Wildlife ~

Classics : Electronic sounds to chill dance and have fun

After 00:00 2 stages of music

We bring to you these 2 introduction events
With passion and love
for music, art, energies and life.

20th of januari ~ Class 7 ~
New Electronic Divine Sounds
Dance and more

Route by bus train or car

energy forecast 14th of januari 2006

Yellow Electric Warrior

I activate in order to question,
Bonding fearlesness.
I seal the output of inteligence
With the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.



~ Tameesh ~ (NL) Future Cult

~ Snikers ~ (PT) Groove Criminals Records


~ Zentaur ~ (NL) Earthdance

Live Dynamic Visuals by :

~ Zenthar ~ (NL)


by ~ Wildlife ~
~ waxinelichtje ~


5,- and after 00:00 hrs 8,- euro


de Doele

Koemarkt 56

1441DD Purmerend, 20 km north of Amsterdam Noord Holl

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