Australia  Submerge Chill Festival

Feb 11, 2006 12:00:00 - Feb 12, 2006 22:00:00, Airey's Inlet

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Date: Jan 5, 2006
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Submerge Chill Festival... A lush weekend outdoor gathering & pool party featuring a tasty selection of local and international talent on the chill/dubwise/psydub & breaks/eclectic/ambient/experimental/temple beats side....poolside splendour to boot! Hosted at Melbourne's best outdoor venue, Opoeia Eco Arts Retreat, featuring an olympic sized swimming pool and forest playground.

Submerge is a celebration of the ambient spaces within art, sound and Self. A smorgasbord of some of the finest musicians, djs, performers, vjs, artists & people will come together to create a space for expanding consciousness & creative sharing.

Open Air

Aes Dana (Ultimae - France) - LIVE & DJ SET

Hideyo Blackmoon (Japan)

Antediluvian Rocking Horse ( - LIVE

Red Eye Express (Tempest Recordings) - LIVE

Heartical Hifi (PBSFM) - LIVE

Earthling (Mantrix) - LIVE

Andrew Till (Psy-Harmonics)

Andrew Haig (Global Eyes)

Peyote Soundsystem (Don Peyote Recordings/Interchill)

Deep Fried Dub (NZ)

Systa BB (PBSFM-Planetary Chaos)

Dom Hogan (PBSFM-CAT)

Chin Bindi (Beyond the Brain)

Jungle (Psycorroboree)

Miles of Dub (Big Bus Boogie)

Sam I Am (Dada Stream Publishing)

Paul Abad (Positronic, Subterran)

Delay (Beaming Productions)

Sub G (Uncommon Force)

Kali (Rainbow Serpent)

Phloem (Xylem Phloem)

Gavin Martin (Innersense, Pure Sound)

Kundalini (Green Ant)

Lumiplex (Soulquest)

Laika & Enos (Wickedness Increase)

Dakini (Resonant Temple)


and more....


Miss Random
Star Fire Productions


Xylem Phloem
Pixie Fix
Resonant Temple

Visual Splendour provided by the one and only

Silent Disco Projection Light Show

Performance by

Pixie Fix
Nocturnal Sunshine
Cool Stars Kids Circus
and more to be announced...

Delicious food by Lentil As Anything
Chai by Holy Cow Cafe


Funktion 1 sound system!
Indigenous Opening Ceremony
100th Monkey Tribal Pow Wow Conference Space
Undergrowth Motion Pixels Cinema
Healing Space
Kids Area
and more...the possibilities are as endless as the stars...



Opoeia Eco Arts Retreat

Hidden Valley, Angahook State Forest

Airey's Inlet Victoria

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