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Date: Jan 24, 2006
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resent GATAKA + AQUATICA LIVE IN CONCERT (ANTWERP)</strong> :<p>Live: GATAKA (phonokol rec.israel)<br><br>gataka is matan kadosh born in 1983 (part of the project sesto sento)<br>he released 3 cd as gataka in ponhokol rec("drop the mask" "home made madness" + "in trance we trust")<br>and as sesto sento at compact rec ("the inner light""the bright side"+sesto sento the remixer)<br>also compailed few compilations as sesto sento and gataka such as bpm 1+2 agitato rec /the next genrtsion vol 2 phonhokol rec /afula on compact rec <br>this days working on the<br>sesto sento 3rd albums who gonna rock the world white the new style and fresh sound and melodyes for compact rec there home basse label<br><br>and a massive compilation for the brazlian up comming label proton rec <br><br>theat will included sesto sento/ferbi boys vs apoclypse /eskimo vs daynmic/talmasca vs nomad/prutuclture/dino vs perplex/cpu/s-range and more)<br><br>releases as sesto and gataka track on almust all trance label excist such as <br>(3rd vsion/tip world/maia rec/alcemey rec /sst/mdmda/agitato/zma/bionecs rec/compact rec /ponhokol/noga rec/hdra and much more .....<br><br>playing around the world over and over non stop since the first sesto sento album<br><br>and prepare alot of nice suprises for the trance scene for the up coming futere<br><br><br>AQUATICA (compact rec.israel)<br><br>Aquatica is Elad ASY, born in 1980 in Israel and these days he is living and working in moshav Barak in the north of Israel.<br>Aquatica started creating electronic music in 1996, at the beginning he was working and learning from Intergalactic and in 2004 he started his own project called "Aquatica".<br>He was influenced from known artist such as IDM Music, X-Dream, The Delta and created his own unique style with elements that he created on his home computer.Aquatica's style is more of a morning full on with Melodies and powerful groovy tunes and contains emotion and soul in it.<br>In his Studio he is working with:<br>Intel Pentium 2.4 Mhz.<br>Cubase SX 2.01<br>Audio device Delta series KRK studio monitors<br>And many of plug-ins<br>He released many tracks on known label such as Maia Rec., Bio Sphere Rec., Com.pact, Trancelucent Productions and more.<br>Since his first release he has done a remarkable breakthrough and already performed around the world and in Israel.<br>Today he is working on his debut album which will be released on Com.pact Rec.<br></p><p>DJs: FIRAGA (independent tranc.rec/be /B2B/COH)<br><br>NORION (madmystica/B2B)<br><br>STROPHORIA vs ELECTRIC LORD (ajuca rec/madmystica)<br><br>SYNDROME<br><br>MATAN (phonokol rec. israel)</p><p>Hotline: 0473597779 / 0496089995 and look at the flyer</p>


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