Austria  "x-mas brainshake with Elec3"

Dec 25, 2005, graz

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Date: Dec 22, 2005
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s brainshake with Elec3"</strong> :<p>Live: Elec3(Turbo trance rec.)ISR<br>Imix fx (<br>Materia (Twenty 4 seven)AUT</p><p>DJs: Aioaska (<br>Tommes (Unisono)<br>Kamadeva (Lyserg rec./Totem om)<br>Phyro (Lyserg rec./<br>Maya (Pro.Turberance)<br>Potsk (<br>Ramelix (Bamboo massage)<br>Gorg (Analouge fx)<br>Lego (Duploproduktion)</p>


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