Netherlands  BabaPower Go Topsy Turvy

Oct 28, 2005 23:00:00 - Oct 29, 2005 23:00:00, The Hague

Date: Oct 25, 2005
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Kick-off party for th monthly Psychedelic Trancecafe Topsy Turvy!
starting Thursday december 15th (every 3rd Thursday of the month)

PS(Y): We want U 2 know that drinks need to be paid with a "barcard" If U lose this card U need 2 pay a lot of money to Club Selekt...So space your head out and stay card focussed:)
We don't embrace this policy but the sound makes everything worthwile!!! and don't mind the bouncer, he's cool.
Enjoy yourselves!!!! the bAbApOwEr CreW



The Wizard (Samsara Music Production)


Eye-Riz (Kaleidosphere)

Yucka (Cosmic Combination)

Viris (Kaleidosphere)




Club Select

papestraat 32a

The Hague

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