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May 28, 2005, Il Grande Fiume

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Date: May 29, 2005
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Live: 3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò3ò
PINEAL - Indipendent (BO)

DJs: MOKSHA - Liquid Sound Dimension (NO)

TOMGUN - ChaoticWaves (PV)

FACE - Soundsplatters (MI)

BRANDO - Indipendent (CO)

MAO T - Centootto (CO)

PHOBOS - ChaoticWaves (PV)

TWINSUN - Electroculture (LO)

BENTLEY - Urlo Squad (BT)

CIX - LOKOmotivé (PR)

FOG - Looney moon (TO)

SHIVARATRI vs OLORIN - Cryoblast / Microgram (MI)


3299611205 o 3395783712 o 3382380567 attive da sabato ma

Il Grande Fiume

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