Tunisia  SOLAR ECLIPSE 05 (Movement of NOMAD PEOPLE)

Sep 29, 2005 - Oct 5, 2005

Date: Sep 7, 2005
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Annular solar eclipse at mon. 3. oct. 2005, 09:15

A tribal gathering with international dj's, live-acts, bands & performances, main floor, canyon floor, chillout area, cybertent, camping area, two hotels, swimming pool, many restaurants, psychedelic artworks, chai & groovy shops


The venue is simply out of this world. See for yourself Photos on our
The festival location Tamerza, is an Oasis in the atlas mountains of
south-west Tunisia.
Tunisia is on average only a 2 hour flight from Europe, and yet you are in
the warmth of North Africa.

Mainstage Soundsystem:
We working hard on bringing a 40 KW Soundsystem from Switzerland.
Magic~lounge is our partner for the soundsystem Transport and setting.

Ways to come to Tunisia:

- By plane:
See the special prices of TUNISAIR
You can get your flight ticket at every TUNISAIR agency.

- By ferry:
At the following ports you can take the ferry to Tunisia (TUNIS)
From France: Nice, Marseille, Toulon
From Italy: Genoa, La Spezia, Naples, Salerno, Trapani
For Ferry and booking infos look at the website

Ways to come to the festival areal:


We organise with our partner shuttle form Tunis Djerba and Tozeur to the
festival location in Tamerza.
The shuttle starts since 15h as soon as 12 person are ready to go to the

Departures are planned on the 29th 30th of sept. and 1st of oct. 2005, and
the return on 4th and 5th oct.

SHUTTLE FROM TUNIS COST 60€ (Included go and return)
SHUTTLE FROM DJERBA COST 45€ (Included go and return)
SHUTTLE FROM TOZEUR COST 35€ (Included go and return)

Meeting points in Djerba:

Hôtel Club Sangho ***
These hotesl are by taxy 10min from the airport away.
Hotel cost between 18€ and 28€ / Night * Person, (Half pension / room with 2
or three beds)

Meeting point in Tozeur:

Hotel Palace Dar Chrait *****

Meeting point in Tunis:

At the airport where the passenger exit gate is "just after the customs"


Call us, we make your shuttle reservation: TUNISIA: +216 95 492 261 /
SWITZERLAND: +41 78 857 09 11
Or mail to:shuttle@solareclipse05.org

- By car:
Route to follow 550km: TUNIS-Hammamet-Sousse-Kairouan-Gafsa-Metlaoui-TAMERZA
Roads are safe and the main routes are good indicated in frensh language

- By public bus:
Ideal for travellers, the bus starts in TUNIS at Bab Aliua bus Station and
go to TAMERZA.
Two Departures a day. The 1st start 10h30 and arrives at 19h00. The 2nd
start 19h00 and arrives at 04h00. The travel cost 20€.

- By train:
Ideal for travellers, the train Starts in TUNIS at the main station at 21h00
and arrive at METLAOUI the terminal train station at 7h00.
This little town is 40km far from TAMERZA. You can take there public bus or
taxi. This trip cost you 20€.

Inland Package:

Shuttle bus + assistance at the aerport + 5 days / 4 nights accommodation in
(Hotel or Berber camp) + Breakfast + festival entrance = 185€
20€ for each supplementary accommodated day.

Camping Place:

When you pay the festival entrance it is possible for you to stay at the
camping place. It is an amazing area with palms inside the oasis. This place
is no more than 100m from the dance floors away.

Festival Tickets:

The festival ticket cost 70€ in presale.
On the gate the ticket cost 90€.


You can register to buy your e-ticket or apply to an inland package sending
an email to nomad@n-o-m-a-d.com
Switzerland: +41 78 857 09 11
Tunisia: +216 95 492 261

Email: nomad@solareclipse05.org
More infos on our website www.solareclipse05.org
Or send an email: infos@solareclipse05.org

Online presale on: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=2238

Open Air


N.A.S.A. (iboga rec. / crotus rec. / DK)

Digicult (USTA rec. / BE)

Spliff Richard (altitude rec./ boom rec. / SE-TN)

Star Nation (temple of is / gnosis rec. / UK)

Shanti Project (bitNix / P)


Pan Papason (etnicanet / Ibiza)

Lelf (turbotrance rec. / FR)

Slater (tribal vision rec. / CZ)

Martin (labyrinth / CH)

massivan (pmusica / E)

müstik (shiva space technology / CH)

Skunkbeat (Chaishop / GU)

Frontal (magic~lounge / CH)

Liese ( mushroom mag.)

Arash Atman ( Electronic Soundscapes / GR )

Will Gnosis (star nation / temple of is / gnosis rec.)

Liquid Ross (liquid rec. / UK)

Luna (mondmilch / CH)

bitNix / P

Antagon ( Psy T.F. / DE)

Pangaea ( Psy T.F. / DE)

Dalle (gerningstedet rec. / DK )

Kore (plastik park / MX)

Apache & HAT (kommek rec. / TN)

Upavas (evolving-arts / Hawai)

Kachina (kaisermusic / CH)

Sky (artech rec. / CH)

Psyhigh (bionics / CH)

Apex (Xvibes / UK)

B.e.n. ( datura project rec. / MK )

Wonderlantic ( datura project rec. / MK )

oudja (sens ubik - psychofuel / FR)

Greamush Foose / BE

Ramses ( Madhatter / BE)

Meko (Sonica2005-Gaiatech/ ITA)

Missing Frequency (omnisense / omnifestival / UK)

moon (jbillettes prod. / rhythms of peace) morocco

Nemesis (transient rec. / USTA rec. / BE)

Krishan (Pure form / EARTH / S)

Infra (Earth Intelligence Records / EARTH / S)

n-o-m-a-d CH/TN


bitNix / P
omananda / SE
GoblinDeLight / HU
Carl You.R.I (URI / UK)
Zagreo & Magneto


we also will offer a seven-day-package including: flight from europe, food, accommodation and festival entrance



website: http://www.solareclipse05.org

Oasis of Tamerza, Tunisia

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