Mexico  Son Pax Closing Party

Mar 26, 2005 - Mar 27, 2005

Date: Feb 23, 2005
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FELIX NAGORSKY aka TIME LOCK was born in year 1978 he lives in Israel in city of karmiel on the north and producing music since year 1997 he had a lot of releases as PPS PROJECT in labels like: mdma rec,dust n dust rec hadhot rec,zma rec,,and also he have many releases as TIME LOCK in various labels like zma rec,neurobiotic rec,starsound rec,Columbia music int,and itc.., his debut albom cald 10 SECONDS AWAY released in may 2004 and he now working new material for BNE /YOYO records(israel) the year 2005 he will release his full second album on BNE records and also TIME LOCK RMXS CD (incloudes rmxs on: VIOLET VISION,INFECTED MUSHROOM,SCHATSI,WIZZY NOISE..and another well known artists). Hes music is a fussion between electro ,psy, progressive, full on, stile, very pumping drive basslines and massive sound effects!

Open Air

TIMELOCK (Bne) Israel

Superfly (Son Pax)

Migue (Maia Records)

Hugo (Son Pax)

Emmanuel (Son Pax)

Kachok (Son Pax)

Monky (Psycun)

Enano (Psycun)

Psyquences (Psycun)

Ghinko (Psycun)


In between Cancun and Playa del Carmen (on the beach.)

The party is located 3km south of the Moon Palace Hotel.

This festival marks the closing of easter holidays and of the spring equinox.

Come celebrate on the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Carribbean.

Son Pax stands for the "Sound of Peace"

May the Force be with you.

More info




998 865 4777

On the Beach 3km south of Moon Palace Hotel

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