Cyprus  Winter Demon And Seroxat --Noize Conspiracy_X'Mas Party--

Dec 24, 2004 23:30:00 - Dec 25, 2004, Nicosia

Date: Nov 30, 2004
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::::: Breath deeply and prepare yourself for Seroxat + Winter Demon experience...
Most sensitive minds may not handle it!!!! :::::
Presale tickets 10cyp, @ door 13cyp

This will be a very special event and it will be an honour for us having such great artist
participating for one of our events!!!

Flyers + Poster



& Poster:


WINTER DEMON (Timecode Records / Isr)

Nimrod aka winter demon, 20 years old from Yavne Israel, is coming to our place

bringing his unique style which has started to make a great impact in the psy scene...

Nimrod works closely with friends Psychotic Micro (Psychotic Demon), Toxic (Winter Toxic)

while his style is widly unique, clean and powerful.

SEROXAT (Crystal Matrix / Isr)

Offer Maoz aka Seroxat is coming along with Nimrod presenting his new album "Brutal Beats" from Crystal Matrix

Seroxat take us into a hard journey and dark world

where every track in his album is a different chapter of madness and hallucination.

CHP aka Claw (temple / Noize Crew_cy)

One of our latest resitent in our parties and many more, always suprising us with his great skill in mixing and production...

Keep on eye on this guy!

Treno Club


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