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Dec 4, 2004 23:00:00 - Dec 5, 2004 23:00:00, Novi Sad

Date: Nov 26, 2004
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Gataka is matan kadosh (from sesto sento trio) solo project

Matan start djing trance in the age of 15. Few years later he started producing music as sesto sento and gataka. Since then he relased 2 albums as sesto sento (the inner light/the bright side) and one album as gataka (drop the mask) also compiled (bpm1 & 2 for agitato rec) and the next generation part 2 for phonhokol rec. During the years matan preformed all over the world and colberate white alot of artist&friends as well relsde single treaks and vinels in label as - tip world / maia rec / phonhokol / compact rec/shiva space rec/ cosmofilia / bionics rec / 3rd vsion / Emi porthogal / medium / mdma / alcemy rec / neurobtic / g molch / usta / zma and more... Gonna relsde in septmber the second gataka albom in ponhokol rec "home-made madness" and sesto sento compltsion "afula on" in compact rec"

now in process:

sesto the rmx cd for maia rec (inculding rmiexs from-gms/psysex/cpu/silicon sound/prutucalture and more..)

Alternative Control (ex Chromatoner) are Toprek Goran a/k/a TOCA and Rastko Palikuca.Toca has been producing since 1997 and from 1999 he forms a project "Manifest" with a friend,which was dark , groovy psy trance project ,who become first serbian project with a high level of production.Rastko is a different story , Rastko joins Toprek in producing music , Rastko had then 18 ,so for him it was first experience ,and after one year of hardly working and sweting in studio..rastko and toca are making project call Chromatoner ,which started to be biggest surprise from their country ,feeled with Toprek's experience and what Rastko learned through his organising work , this project was totally different from Manifest ,changing rapidly into morning groovy ,full on ,After they promoted chromatoner in their country with Nomad party ,and some big parties in three different cities , they started to make and sell tunes for labels like Phonokol ,and Inpsyde media.Then suddenly when they find out about project name Chromaotne (lawrence ) which released before them two tracks they decided to change name in to" Alternative control" , producing morning psy-trance, with collorfull basslines and espacious melodies, !VERY EMOTIONAL!.So after releasing tunes for Phonokol rec.,Inpsyde media ,Pukka musica,Sphere rec, Soular rec ,and colaborations with many big artists from the scene like Bizzare Contact,Pop Stream ,Cyrus the Virus, the album is in an extencive producing process, and much more other releases to come.


DJ SIVI(Goasapiens/BG)

DJ WIZARD(Goasapiens/BG)


(Phonokol / Israel)

Alternative Control Live!



Novi Sad

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