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Aug 19, 2005 - Aug 22, 2005, Stölln

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Date: Aug 4, 2005
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Welcome to

Laugh & Dance

Your Antaris Crew

Open Air

Main floor

Live Acts:

Indika (Spirit Zone / AP Records, Vazik & Geza, Mexico)

Salaris (Germany)

Silent Scream (Israel, Vision Quest Rec.)

Skazi (Chemical Crew,Israel)

Son Kite (Digital Structures,Sweden)

Star Sounds Orchestra (Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Germany)

The Unicorn (Plastic Age Music, GER)

Wrecked Machines (Spun Rec. Brazil)


Antaro (Voov Experience)

Highko (Noise Poison Rec., Germany)

Jackomo (Sounds Of Earth, CH)

Nico (Germany, France)

Rica (xxxperience, Brazil)

Sabaii Sabaii (Thailand)

Sangeet (Salaris, Germany)

Scotty (Voov Experience)

Zig (Israel)

Alternative Floor

Live Acts:

Goma (Spliff Musik, CH)

Front (Novosibirsk, Russia)


Alice D & D.Joanna ( Waldfrieden, GER)

Beauty & the Beat ( Kamaflage Rec., GER/UK)

Bim und Ralli (Midijum Rec., GER)

Cosmic Tantra (GER)

Chris Planet ( Fragile Planet Rec., UK )

Dirk Backes (Nalanda,GER)

D-Way (Luna Club, GER)

Goma (Spliff Musik, CH)

Kai Mattesdorf (Midijum Rec., GER)

Magical (Planet Ben Rec., GER)

MoMo (FR)

Montagu & Golkonda (Tshitraka/Midijum Rec., GER)


Müstik (SST, Spliff, CH)

Naveen (Protune Rec. GER)

Onyks (Turbo Trance Rec. FR)

Shawnodese & Djane Ada ( Mindfunk / Majarec. NL/VNZ. )

Sid Gautama (Dari Sana, Indonesia)

Slater (Tribal Vision, CZ)

Stefan Ludley (Psylofant, GER)

Tulla (Y.S.E./Mushroom, GER)

Vazik ( Sounds Of Earth , MEX)

Vanja (Transforma,Ov-Silence Rec.,MK)

Chillout Alternative Floor :

Werner (Berlin, GER)

T.C.K. (Chill & Progressive, Kisch Kusch, HH,GER)


Artistic Organisation Mainfloor: INFIN-E.T. - flourescent networks and dance floor design
. . . (ananto and his dream team)
Lichtobjekte: Alfred Wolski - DER LICHTPOET - the first time on dancefloor-range - magical
Blacklight Paintings: "The 12 Signs" by Nessomm
Deco 2nd Floor: Tiwi "Der Deconaut", Caos Concept: Fehrbelin
Blacklight Design and Violet Park: Magic Mike
Light & Sound: TSE Berlin
Laser-Show: TRON-Laser
Stage Design: Living Mandalas, Flyer: LIQUID EYE
Fire - Performance: "Mayakara" Berlin / Goa Connection


Rhinow/Stölln between Berlin and Hamburg

14728 Stölln

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