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Aug 20, 2004 22:00:00 - Aug 22, 2004 12:00:00

Date: Jul 23, 2004
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bus from europe is very cheap..around 150 euros approximatly..
Travelling: Travellers from the EU do not need a visa.
IWhen you enter Morocco you will have a 90 day tourist visa by filling an entrance form. we definitely recommend taking your passport with you. Check Visa requirements for other countries


Paradise beach : "Shati Cuevas Al Hamam, Tindafil" this is the official name of the location

there are three sweet water sources on the beach and about ten cherinquitos stretched over a space of three kms of golden sands!!!

the village of Sidi Mrait has a fully-equipped campsite (toilets+showers..) and is about 2kms from the site) / ++afordable hotels are abundant in Assilah however very often they are full in august!!! So don’t forget to bring ur camping gear !!!

how to get there?

the beach is about 12kms south of assilah but remains quiet and COOL even in the height of summer

to get to it from assilah you head south on the old Rabat/,Larache road go past the Motorway roundabout and continue for three kms turn Right at the First tarmac road follow this road until you see the sign "Mhibet" turn right down the track to the end where you find a parking area, after which there is a two kms walk to the beach

*chek out / We also encourage you to visit the close kcnoking/mystical Rif mountains…

The Morocco 2004 International Peace Gathering

is aiming to go one step further in trying to articulate the positive energy and vibrations common to Entheogenic Psychedelic Trance festivals into a constructive

Power for Peace

We are NOT politicians-----

we will gather here for the love of the music and the friendship-----

and we are not that naïve to think that this or any party can stop war or change the World overnight-----

BUT WE DO believe that gatherings like this can and will "TRANCEFORM" the trance scene from a consumerist-driven fashion into a CONCIOUS COMMUNITY interested and involved in issues concerning all Creation.

We can see the real war that is going on everywhere is the war on our Souls!!!!!

We can give up and accept the pre-designed roles of passive spectators as we rush headlong into the fire

or we can take a stand and refuse to sing Babylons song and sing our own SONGS instead!

This gathering is one possible way of achieving this,

This is a party by us for us…

so if you are able to help or co-operate in any way then please contact us as quickly as possible. You are welcome and you are needed.

Working together is the Key, and this is already a truly international collaboration.

ALL DJS / VJS / PERCUSSIONIST / DEKO ARTISTS are more than welcome

Please contact us

We hope to see as many of you as possible out there sharing in the tribal experience celebrating


Children are welcome as are any jugglers, acrobats,artists,fire-eaters,performers,Wizards and Witches who would like to participate!!!!!

The Peace Gathering will fuse the Traditional Medicine Drum trance with Cyber trance to create the

Rhythm of Peace.

The party will be Free, Green and Easy,

DONATIONS AT THE DOOR will be requested

For culture trance shops don’t hesitate to contact us

To avoid leaving waste we won't bring any

i.e. No disposable plastic sacks,bags,bottles or containers!

No batteries to be disposed of on site

Compostable rubbish will be placed in special containers

All paper,carton and aluminium waste will be re-cycled

Medical and potentially dangerous waste will be placed in seperate containers and incinerated safely

We can recycle carton, paper and most plastic

No dogs only Camels and Donkeys!!

Travelling: Travellers from the EU do not need a visa.
IWhen you enter Morocco you will have a 90 day tourist visa by filling an entrance form. we definitely recommend taking your passport with you. Check Visa requirements for other countries (morocco info in all languages)

Open Air

Live Variatt (morocco / live act / teknonioun)

DJ's Serious play by

Man’s (france / anthares)

x-mel (france / om guest)

dJay.B (france / vynil trance / zodiakal)

Latex (usa / she dj / teknonioun)

Khai – yo (israel / teknonioun)

Dalai diga ( morocco / ambient + psytrance / teknoniuon)

Dj mora (morocco / progressive trance / MMdjs)

DJ maestro (morocco / progressive trance / MMdjs)

Manwithatan (u.k.)

DJ diali (morocco / psy trance / teknonioun)

Cosmic silence (morocco )

Chill dalai diga (intelligent dub trance set / morocco /teknonioun)

Klaws (roumania / ambient electronica)

DANGEROUS DRuMS by Bouhala (teknonioun)


Deco Metaphorical projektion by

Carpehoram (morocco / teknoniuon)
Bselette (she vj / morocco / teknonioun)
ghizmo (france / dassleepart)
beltranattack (spain)


PURE Nature
Black light and fluorescent by mi-papillon bselette abass…+ mounir (gnawart / morocco) + kristal (france) and all of us
2 empty canvas with fluorescent painting where everybody is welcome to paint
Slide projection by dalai diga


free with a donation sys


Nathan / morocco +212(0)68 567 068 / europe 00 34 679 331 572


assilah, north morocco

for location info chek out party details on the right skreen of our URl (

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